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We will shortly be sending out our twice yearly newsletter where we will be looking at the challenges and opportunities that Brexit is bringing to our clients, and at the value of business planning during periods of political and economic uncertainty. We will also be bringing you our regular features on Start-Ups, SMEs and Corporate Planning, Funding and more.

In addition, I am pleased to announce that our new and improved web-site is now up and running. We now offer an extended range of services for all sectors of the market from Entrepreneurs needing to assess the viability of there business ideas and Start-ups seeking funding, through to SMEs developing growth plans and larger organisations engaging in Corporate Strategic Planning. You can also browse more detail on our extended team and an updated range of client testimonials.

Please take a look - we would welcome your feedback.

Kind regards,

Jon Hunt


What is the most important part of the business plan to get right


We are often asked what is the most important part of a business plan. The truth is that it not one thing but how the plan integrates four key elements: People, Proposition, Plan and Payback!

Your People are key. You and your management team are key to delivering the business plan and your knowledge, experience and professionalism will be critical to its success.

The Proposition and how it fits well into the current market space is also critical – it is no use having a great product if there is no market for it.

The Business Plan itself needs to be credible, realistic and deliverable – there is no point in claiming your business will deliver global domination and wonderful returns if you can’t show exactly how you will do this! You must show that you have a plan of action!

Finally, if you are seeking funds from a bank or investor they need to be confident that there money is safe and that they will get Payback - a good Return on Investment (ROI). You can see more about all these on this on our blog.


Business Funding and Investment


TBPT develops business plans for a wide range of clients seeking external sources of debt or equity funding and as such has a wide network of investment contacts. TBPT is therefore able to introduce potential investors (including Angel Investors and High Net Worth Individuals) to investment opportunities in the UK. It should be noted that as an introducer TBPT’s activity is strictly limited to making introductions to potential investment opportunities and specifically does not recommend or make any assessment of the viability of the potential investment, does not offer any investment advice, nor enter into any negotiations between investors or companies offering investment. 

TBPT is therefore always willing to hear from Investors and Investment Partners as well as Organisations seeking funding.