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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Cake


Choosing The Right Wedding Cake For Your Day

Think of a wedding cake and the traditional white tiered fruitcake with a floral arrangement tends to spring to mind.  This classic style of wedding cake remains popular even today but increasingly, brides and grooms are thinking outside the box and choosing from the many modern styles of wedding cakes out there today.

Consider the style of your wedding day to help you decide on the design of your wedding cake. A grand stately home venue is just the place to see a large multi-tiered white wedding cake, while a vintage themed event could be the ideal setting for a pretty arrangement of cupcakes.


The cupcake wedding cake is fast becoming one of the top choices in cakes for today’s brides.  A tall tower of cupcakes can be truly stunning, adaptable to all themes and tastes.  Each guest can have their own individual cake – without the labourious task of cutting up the cake. Guests will just help themselves either after the meal or at the evening reception. Don’t forget to top your tower with a top tier cutting cake for that all important cake cutting tradition and photo opportunity.


For some time now fashionable wedding themes have included modern vintage wedding cakes and 'shabby chic' designs. Soft pastel pinks, sage greens, light golds, cameos, pearls, lace patterns, Victoriana, and flowers both sugar and real. Piped work is becoming more and more popular, with beading work or lace patterns maybe inspired by the brides dress to combine the classic styles of vintage and modern. If you are having a vintage themed wedding, think about using a range of different vintage props such as bunting or birdcages to give your wedding an eclectic and individual feel.

Before you even consider making a booking, make sure they specialise in the type of wedding cake you're looking for. Someone who makes a chocolate wedding cake or croquembouche won't necessarily have the skills to create an artistic novelty cake. It's important to see photographs of their work and to have a taste. When deciding upon your style, always ask advice. A good wedding cake designer will be able to take inspiration from your ideas and the style of your wedding and come up with a sketch to enable you to finalise your wedding cake design.

Many of the reception photos will take place in and around the cake. For photos, a white or light coloured cake may stand out better on with a darker background vs. a white painted wall. If there is a window behind the cake, the lighting for the photos may need to be adjusted. Also watch for unattractive elements that may be in the background of your photos such as a radiator, pipes, electric cords, toilets, fire exit signs, and other doors, etc. Generally, take a look at your reception site in advance to find the ideal place to set up the cake table.