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Helping moms to look after a baby or a child


Today, more than 50% of mothers with young children have to work. It appears that working mothers are now the rule no longer an exception. Mothers have to be part of a workforce not only for satisfying their career to fulfill their worth as a person but primarily to provide for the needs of the family.

Mom needs your help

Majority of moms enter the workforce and stay there during working hours. They have no times for themselves especially for their kids who are looked after by adults other than their parents. Relatives sometimes fulfill child care duties, or kids are cared for in a child care settings. When mothers are working, their infants and toddlers are left in a child care center. If you want to help Mom, you can probably volunteer to look after her baby or child.

Childcare volunteer

Volunteering to look after young children is really fun and rewarding experience! Many volunteers return time and again, because they know that it was time well-spent.

  • Volunteer that get involved in Childcare

The value of volunteering in child care is widely recognized. Volunteering benefits the program, the family, and most importantly, the child. Most child care programs parent &individual volunteers, and there are even some specific opportunities to volunteer. Ask about these opportunities and you can pick a choice. Even if you are very busy there varied ways to volunteer. Here are just a few possibilities.

  • Volunteer in the Classroom

1. Monitor games in the playground or supervise kids in the lunchroom.

2. Act as escort or driver during field trips

3. Illustrate a hobby or demonstrate a craft project to the class

4. Read interesting stories from a book or narrate a favorite tale during your childhood

5. Present a talent portion with your guitar, fiddle, harmonica, etc.

  • Volunteer at Home

1. Help prepare projects by cutting patterns that will be used.

2. Repair damage books or broken toys.

3. Create a colorful design and/or manage the programs in the website.

4. Videotape a story for the class to hear

5. Collect materials and supplies to be used in the future such as old magazine, or fabric scraps.

Mothers need volunteers to lighten their loads

Join a group that specializes in volunteering service of a family's home blessed with a new baby. The organization knows just what the family needs and what volunteers are supposed to do. Primary concern is to lighten the load of Mom. They know the hardships she has endured from doing house chores and looking after an infant. She would appreciate a short walk around her place with a volunteer while someone looks after her baby. Moms are given time to sleep since she is probably the most self-deprived person left standing.  You can hold and watch the baby as mom can get the rest she so desperately needs. These are small acts of service but it will go a long way in alleviating the condition of the Mom.


What volunteers can do for Mom

1.  Help mom in taking care of the new baby

Babies are the most lovable creatures to care for but for overworked Moms, it can be very stressful. A new mom cannot understand their emotions that are like a rollercoaster; it is sometimes up then it goes down. In this state, she needs friends and family to help deal with the stress. Here are best ways volunteers can help without being pushy or stay on the way.

  • You are not a guest; do not expect to be entertained.
  • Help do some of the house chores.
  • Offer to watch the baby.
  • Accompany Mom for a walk around the house.
  • Give her time to sleep and the gift of relaxation.
  • Bring food you have prepared at home.
  • Load her mobile.
  • Act as her aide de camp.
  • Assist in taking care of the child.
  • Listen to her and empathize.

2. Help a working Mom

What are the best ways to help out a working mom? For starters, put aside your assumptions and preconceived notion; be more realistic. Do not stereotype Mom as the traditional stay-at-home type in the last centuries. She should have a bit of time for herself like going to the gym. Respect her opinion about her child, bringing her up and proper discipline or how to raise her kids.

  • Be a cheer leader; appreciate her capabilities.
  • Be specific and sincere when you offer to help her out.
  • Host a play date with parents in attendance. Moms would love looking at her kids on stage.
  • Be open on showing how much you enjoy taking care of the baby and make the Mom feels loved and empowered.
  • Cook her fave meal and share with her.
  • Offer to run errands.
  • Take kids to school.
  • Tell her the good news about people she knows.
  • Give Mom a chance to date Dad on her  Night Out

Do you notice the good feeling you have after helping others? Coming to the aid of others kindles a kind of happiness that has been substantiated in various studies. , as many studies have demonstrated. Researches from Schools of Economics in London showed the connection between being a volunteer and the degree of happiness experienced by an adult group. They discovered that people who volunteered were happier. Many studies of the same subject gave the same conclusion.

Those who volunteered monthly were 7% more happy than non-volunteers; while those who volunteered every two to four weeks were 12% more happy. Weekly volunteers were 16% more happy. If you want to be happier, then help Mom look after her baby or child!