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Finding A SEO Consultants or Professional Search Engine Optimization Specialist Is Easy In York - Ask Us!


So how do you go about finding one that you can rely on? The most obvious answer is to go to a search engine, such as Google, and do a search for something like:

SEO York
Whoever appears at the top must be the best at SEO, right? After all if they are number 1 in the search results and they must have used SEO to get there. So common sense would say that this must be the best company for SEO York.

Well, yes and no.

It is true that the company appears at the top of the results so this is a good thing. However, there is actually much more to SEO than your position in Google for a particular term. This article will try to explain what is involved in good SEO so that you can pick the best company for you.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation and originally described techniques that a website owner could follow in order to appear as high as possible in search results. This resulted in a whole industry springing up to provide these services. The key to SEO isn’t getting to number 1 but to understand why this is important.

Website owners wanted their web site to appear at number 1 in Google because they knew that most people click the top results. In fact recent studies show that unless you are in the top 3 results you will get almost no clicks. As a result the race was on to get to the top because you got clicks which is more commonly known as traffic. The more traffic you have the more potential customers you can sell to.

This means that the key to a successful website is traffic so the assumption is that getting to number 1 on Google will provide this traffic. True, but it isn’t the only way. Traffic can arrive from many places, not just search engines.

If you have a local business in York, for example doing SEO, then being number 1 in Google for “SEO York” might sound brilliant. You may even pay an SEO expert to get you there. After a short while you sit proudly at the top of the results and you think everything is great and wait for the clients to roll in. After a few weeks you can’t help but be disappointed at the lack of sales on your site.

Why did this happen?

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10 Tips To Picking Your Next Web Designer


There are dozens of website design agencies in the York area. If you want a website designed – how do you choose one that offers web design in York that is perfect for you?

The task isn’t easy.

It get’s even harder if you are not a internet guru yourself. How are you meant to know what a good website designer looks like? What they do? Or how much it costs?

Don’t worry, help is it hand!

This easy guide should help you pick the most suitable website designer in York so you can get the website you want for a fair price.

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