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Disease and Fungi - A risk to your trees


Disease and Fungi - A risk to your trees

Disease and fungi can wreak havoc in your garden.

They can cause your wood and fruit to rot. They can kill trees or create dangerous deadwood that can fall and cause harm or damage.

Fungi to look out for include Honey fungus, Blossom Blight and Birch Polypore.

These fungi can spread easily from tree to tree so it is important to nip this problem in the bud (pun intended). By contacting a professional tree surgeon you may save yourself a great deal of trouble.

There are also some diseases that affect trees across the UK. Ask Dieback and Oak Decline are two of the more prevalent. Sometimes the entire tree will need removal in order to prevent any spread to the rest of the trees on your property.

Basic garden hygiene is a good way to help protect your trees. Keeping infected trees trimmings away from the other trees is helpful. Sometimes the damage to a tree is too great and felling the tree is the best option. If the tree is dying anyway and is liable to spread the disease further then this is often the best option. 

Trees are also a lot more resilient to such issues if they are healthy, to begin with. Maintain your trees properly, provide them with sufficient water and mulch. If you care for your trees in this way then they are far more likely to survive.

There are additional ways that your trees can be saved and damage limited. Protecting your trees begins with identification. If you know what is wrong with your tree is will be a lot easier for you to know how best to deal with it. Some further information on how to care for your trees in these situations see

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