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Six Ways to Avoid Stress During the Holiday Season


The holidays are a time when family and friends get together in good cheer. However, there can be a lot of stress as well given the amount of preparation and trepidation that comes from meeting those you have not seen for a while. For most people, the stressful period provided by the holidays is one that can be readily handled. However, for others who may need a little assistance, here are six ways that you can significantly cut down on the stress from the holiday season.

Identify the Stressful Issues

It helps to narrow down just what exactly is causing the stress. In some cases, such as preparing a holiday meal it can be alleviated by adding more prep time or simply ordering out. However, if the stress comes from meeting family and friends, then you must dig deeper as to the reason. Once you know what it is, then you can deal with it.


While you cannot plan for every detail, you can plan your general activities for the holiday season to ensure that you minimize the stressful elements. This means allowing enough time to prepare meals, making accommodations for family, and making travelling as convenient as possible. The better you plan, the easier it is to handle unexpected occurrences.

Take Five

During the most stressful times, take five minutes to get away and relax. Meditation is an excellent therapy for reducing stress and anxiety. You can go to the bathroom, bedroom, or just find a place to unwind for five minutes and focus your thoughts elsewhere. This will help you handle the stress and provide relief when needed.


Who says you must wait until the new year to start your exercise program? You can get going by taking a walk, aerobics, or other short exercises that will help reduce the stress and anxiety. Remember to take things slow at first if you are not in the best shape, but you will feel better once you start exercising.

Ask for Help

All too often, people do not ask for help because they may perceive it as a sign of weakness or an inability to get something done. If you need help with preparing the meal, ask your family to help by bringing side items or desserts. The same is true when shopping for gifts, setting up the tree, or any activity in which assistance is most welcome. Doing things together as a family means sharing the responsibility which in turn lowers the stress.

Keep Things Simple

Life is often as complicated as you make it, so look for ways over the holiday season to simplify things which will reduce the stress. For those preparing meals, focus on the main dishes and use ready-made substitutes for the side items. You can always add something to the side items when needed, but there is no need to focus on every detail when you can find simpler, easier substitutes. Look for ways to keep things simple during this stressful time. For more information on mental help, please visit our online therapist hub – https://www.e-therapy.uk . E-Therapy is a UK based online therapist website which connect therapist and online councilors to people that may be suffering for mental issues that don’t necessarily want to come to therapist or councilors office.