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How Do You Know If You’re good enough to go to Art School

8 months ago

Practice Is Everything

Whether you are someone with a natural predisposition towards art, or you’ve had to really knuckle down to acquire the skill you have, in any creative pursuit the single lingering thought pervades your mind like a disease; Am I good enough?

Always, one wonders whether all the effort they put into their art makes them worthy of adulation, or whether they’ve got the skill to study alongside the best.

Immediately, practice comes to mind as the most obvious first step in a series of ever-challenging steps, on the road to art school.

It should go without saying that the more time you commit to something, the more you understand it. How it works, what works best (what works best for you), and what doesn’t, all of this comes as a natural consequence of spending inordinate amounts of time with it.

Until you not only know the basics, but have delved into many different kinds of art, and found within your own style and have begun to work it into your craft like a signature.

This would serve to not only develop the foundation of proof to the world of your skill and commitment, but in tandem, the foundation of your own confidence and sense of self-worth.
Whatever the world thinks of your art will always be secondary to what you think of it.

Going to Art School

It can be expected that art schools across the world are going to have slightly varying standards for admission. Different hoops one must jump through in order to be considered for entry.

It does you no good to turn up to an interview, or submit an application, and hope to get by on your word or money alone. Maybe you could, maybe not.

But consider building a portfolio of work from all that practice you’ve done leading up to it. Nothing serves as greater proof than actual examples of your own efforts. Wow them with your bold landscapes, and humble them with your abstract portrait pieces.

Different schools are likely to ask for this portfolio in different forms like size and number, but most if not all, will require it.

Beyond merely showing off what you’ve done elsewhere, often in pursuing higher education, past academic credentials are going to be necessary. Ensuring that you have the qualifications to get into your art school of choice is going to be the most important thing leading into actually applying for entry, as all schools will need to know you can commit to study.

It’s all on you

Do not despair, it’s not as grim as it sounds. What this means is, as long as you prepare and practice you’ll know if you are good enough to go to art school.

All schools need to know you have what it takes on an academic level to make it, and all art schools will need to see that you have practiced your craft. And if you have, your chances of success will increase significantly.

To run the risk of sounding like the ending of a pep talk about staying in school, well, do it. Getting the grades will keep you on track to walking right into higher education, which is where you want to be.

All the while you’ll slave away in your own corner rhythmically applying colour to a blank canvas to one day show off to the world your mark as an artist.