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Winter Protection Suggestions


How can I protect my car against the winter elements?
We can help in choosing a CarChem sealant or wax to use for your winter protection, we have plenty of options available, and we hope the following information will give you a greater understanding of our range.

We have put together the following in order to make the process a little bit easier:

• Rank durability, if you want the product to last all the way through to next year without being topped up go for a NanoShell , Hard Shell or our Connoisseur Wax.

• Ease of application, if you knowingly want to top up the finish occasionally throughout the winter months, take into account curing times, as these are increased during the colder spells. HardShell is not affected by the cold and will be still a joy to use.

• Our durable paste wax such as Connoisseur (boasting a 5 month durability) is ideal for application now, as are the more durable nanotechnology sealants such as Nano Shell or OB Glaze (12 month’s plus durability). Please keep in mind, waxes tend to be difficult to apply in cold, damp weather – a far better choice would be a sprayable sealant the closer we get to December, such as HardShell (3-4 month durability), Spray Wax (2 week durability) or our Quick Detailer Spray (1-2 weeks durability), all three will remain perfectly useable over the coming months.



All of the products that are manufactured by Car-Chem leave us for re-sale by our Distributors under the CarChem branding; we ensure that the service offered is second to none to all our trade and retail customers.


Minimum Order Amount - The minimum order amount for distributor rates is £150 net. Free delivery is offered on all orders of £200 net providing they can be delivered to UK mainland. For areas not covered, we are more than happy to quote you our current prices via email


Delivery Times - We aim to turn all of our orders around within 5 working days depending on product and packaging.

As customer service is our main priority, we will always try to be as flexible as possible and adjust our deliveries to suit your requirements wherever possible.

Minimum Purchase Amounts is 30 ltrs


5ltrs of Car-Chem Wheel Cleaner

5ltrs of Car-Chem Shampoo and Wax

10ltrs of CarChem TFR

7ltrs of Spray Wax

3ltrs Car Chem Bug Remover



CarChem Mini Range


CarChem Summer fruits shampoo is a limited run, exclusive to our newsletter and social media followers. Packed with 6 x 100ml shampoo's they all contain an AMAZING individual Scent, with a bonus of no harmful ingredients meaning these shampoo's won't harm any previous layers of wax. They are designed to provide a fantastic finish to your cars paint after washing. They all bring life back to paint work. 3 capful per 15 litre Bucket is all your need to deliver an unmatched cleaning power without stripping existing waxes or sealants. Concentrated (3 cap per 15 litre bucket) 6 x 100ml bottle


Own Labeling


Product Personalisation - If you sell our range of products on to your own customers, you will be interested in our own labelling programme; we even offer the personalisation of these products by colour and or perfume.

These are areas in which we specialise in and the following information will give you an idea of what the minimum requirements are.

Own Labelling - We offer a label printing service, according to your requirements and this service is free of charge for orders over £150 Net.

We are able to offer the same style labels as our own CarChem ones.

Clear Label, Black text with any standard Microsoft font, all labels will carry any hazard warnings, with a MSDS sheet to suite.

This offers you the opportunity to market your range of products exactly as you wish and provide an extremely cost effective method of selling your own brand of stock.


Colour or Perfume  - This is available from 200+ litres. Dependant on the product required.

Colouring red, green, blue and yellow

Perfume orange, lemon, cherry, vanilla, strawberry, bubble-gum, mint and fresh smell


If 200+ litres is too much stock to handle, we can supply you with the instruments, colours and Perfumes to mix you own. Almost like a DIY kit for smaller orders.

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team; who will be happy to assist you further.


TailorMade By CarChem


Name , Colour and Fragrance Your TailorMade Car Shampoo

Handmade in Britain Appreciating British Craftsmanship


**Our introductory offers ends Monday..! 21/10/2013**

Introducing the new TailorMade service from CarChem, (Showcase Product).

Why have we released this product? We have released this bespoke shampoo to showcase the capabilities and power of CarChem, because we manufacture all the products on site in the UK, we are able to offer a very personal tailoring service from a 500ml product to 1000ltr's IBC.

Plus it looks very cool to have your name on a quality product to show off to your fellow detailers, friends or even as a gift idea.

How do I order this “showcase shampoo” ? Simply choose the scent, colour  and input the shampoo name and your name* and click add to cart.

Looking for more than 500ml? CarChem have a manufacturing centre of excellence that will meet and exceed all of your needs. We will assist you whether you’re looking for a complete start up package or if you are just looking for that one product to complete your existing product line. We will accommodate your every need from labelling (same style as the CarChem labels), packaging, filling and manufacturing. Find our more by emailing us on:-

Tell me about the shampoo? TailorMade By CarChem is an incredibly advanced car shampoo that breaks down even the toughest dirt and road grime without compromising wax protection. The "TailorMade By CarChem" formula provides a rich, luxurious foam that's gentle on all paint types. The UK engineered formula was designed to leave behind a spot-free, luxurious shine every time.

Easy cleaning formula and a spot-free finish - Rich foaming action - Gentle on wax protection - Clear coat safe

Mix approximately 20ml with a 15L bucket of water. Rinse vehicle with clean water and ensure bodywork is cool before applying with a wash mitt or sponge. Thoroughly rinse vehicle with clean water after application and then dry.

*Please NO trademarked/copyrighted names, profanity, or anything else that may cause upset or distress to others, if this does occur the name will be just left blank and you will be still charged. PLEASE CHECK SPELLING, ONCE PRINTED NAMES CANNOT BE CHANGED.

Bespoke Manufacturing


Bespoke Manufacturing - We offer a personal tailored service, whether it be a different colour or a Scent requirement, product match, or you have an idea of a product you wish to create. 

Our lab technician’s team can offer you the following:

Product Development

labelling assessments advice

health and safety data sheets – MSDS on a complete product

Minimum Quantities - Our minimum requirements start at 200 litres, although this can vary from product to product and in some instances the minimum amount may be 1,000 litres+.

Packaging - All products are packed in a suitable bottle or container depending upon the product. But if our bottles are no to your liking we allow for you to supply us with the bottles (Pre Labelled), as long as they are of a suitable quality we can then decant into those for you.*Charge may be required extra

We offer the following sizes:

250ml - 500ml

1 litre - 5 litre

25 litre - 200 litre

1,000 litre