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Busy Bee Events are proud to announce another service! Now offering over 40+ services all under one roof!


Busy Bee Events are proud to announce the addition of the  following services:

Fresh Flowers, bouquets, buttonholes, corsages etc

Wedding Cupcakes, Favour Cookies & Cake Pops

Balloon Decor, Balloon Arches, Balloon Clouds, Balloon Releases, Entrance Balloons, Balloon Bouquets, Cloud 9 Balloons etc.


Anyone can be a DJ, right?


Maybe, but it takes years of practice to be a successful DJ</p>
Becoming a professional DJ is not something that just anyone can do off the cuff; it takes a lot of practice to learn how to play to crowds who inevitably have different tastes in music and to exact the ability to build the event from the beginning to end, leaving the guests wanting more. The majority of professional DJ’s have had a long and diverse range of experience in the music industry many years before they become a DJ and in my experience this was the foundation that I was able to build upon when I started out many years ago.

So what’s the difference between a ‘professional’ dj and ‘hobby’ dj? Well in my experience the comparisons are enormous! Firstly, a ‘hobby’ DJ will be running their business as a sideline to their main job, and consequently their website, music, lighting, sound equipment and quality of service will be less superior to that of a ‘full-time’ DJ. In comparison, a full-time DJ will be working solely for themselves and will be reliant upon their business to support themselves and their families as their main source of income. In addition, creating the right image, having the good quality equipment &amp; lighting, paying for a superior website, going the extra mile to keep their clients happy and putting 110% effort into their business is not just a choice it is a necessity!</p>
<p>The cost is another difference to consider. Unfortunately, in this type of business you really do get what you pay for and I hear all too often stories of clients who booked a part-time DJ for their wedding because they were cheaper only to find that the DJ who turned up looked a mess, had a couple of underpowered speakers, dodgy out of date music and a few traffic lights! Unfortunately, for those ‘happy couples’ their choice of DJ was made purely on cost and that money they saved didn’t go very far towards keeping their unfulfilled guests happy!</p>
<p>Needless to say it was not a memorable night for the right reasons!</p>
<p><img class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-330" title="disco3" src="http://www.weddingvenues.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/disco3-500x95.jpg" alt="disco3" width="500" height="95" /><br />
Don’t be fooled though in thinking all ‘professional’ DJ’s offer the same package when getting quotes though. You should be aware that a ‘cheaper’ quote will not necessarily be offering the same package as a more expensive one and unless you do your homework and ask the right questions you could be in for a shock! For example, let’s take your average wedding disco which requires a DJ from 7pm. You need a set up that is capable of providing great quality music and excellent lighting to your 120 guests, confetti cannons to add to the romance &amp; atmosphere of your first dance, glow sticks, scrolling message board, a smoke machine to enhance the lights and photo projection to show off your wedding photos. You go ahead and apply for your quotes and one DJ quotes £40 more than the other, so as they are both professional dj’s of the same caliber you choose the cheaper one – a bargain!

Right? Wrong, later you find out that the cheaper quote you had was only for a 4 hour disco and you are being charged for the additional hour to play until midnight as well as for the special effects you requested. In addition, your DJ wants to charge you for travel costs, awkward access fees etc and your set up will now cost more money than originally quoted because you require the set up (gold/platinum) that is recommended for 120 people which is bigger and better, rather than the silver package you were quoted on!<br />
If you had done your homework and booked the other DJ, you could have received the best set up, which is offered to all clients at no extra cost, twice as many lights, a more superior sound system, an extra hour included in the quote (7pm till midnight) and in addition all the extras come free of charge! So be warned &#8211; do your homework!</p>
<p>Once you have received your quotes the next most important thing you should do before booking your DJ is to meet them. I always wonder why some people book their DJ’s without meeting them, after all would you buy your wedding dress without seeing it? The last thing you want on your wedding day is a DJ turning up that you don’t have a rapport with or that understands your musical styles and requests, so making sure you know who will be your DJ on the day is a must, after all, you would not invite a stranger to your wedding so why would you want to book a DJ you have never met, let’s face it &#8211; you could end up with anyone!</p>
<p>So you’ve met your DJ, what else should you look for when choosing your mobile disco? You should ensure that they are running a professional legal disco by checking that they have a minimum of £2 million public liability insurance, all their equipment should be yearly PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) tested and any DJ who is playing to the general public must have a PPL License (Public Performance License) which enables them to play music legally, without it your disco could be shut down at a moment’s notice!</p>
<p>Next you can check out their websites, they are a great tool for separating out the good DJ’s from the bad ones and they provide a mirror image of the DJ , the companyand how it is run. Make sure you view their testimonials page. What do other people say about their equipment, lighting and general customer service? Are the testimonials recent and regularly updated?. A professional testimonial will show the date, clients names and the venue they played at and obviously will have a glowing report! If you are in any way worried about the legitimacy of their testimonials ask to see the original letter or email. Any professional company would be more than happy to show you these to secure another booking!
Whilst on the website ask yourself these questions:

<li>What does this website say about the company and ultimately the DJ?</li>
<li>Does the site look professional and well constructed or a DIY site that has been slung together in a hurry and is cluttered with banner ads??</li>
<li>Is there evidence showing attention to detail or are there spelling mistakes and a general untidy feel to the site?</li>
<li>Is it easy to read and navigate to the correct page?</li>
<li>Are there good quality photos and video clips or is it full of dodgy out of focus shots and a badly taken video?</li>
<li>Have they played in prestigious places or just down the local pub or hall?</li>
<p>The answer to these questions can help you to separate the type of DJ you are looking for from the ones you want to avoid at all costs, so that you can make a more informed choice about who you are booking.</p>
<p><img class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-331" title="disco2" src="http://www.weddingvenues.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/disco2-500x98.jpg" alt="disco2" width="500" height="98" /><br />
In addition, a full-time dj should radiate experience and professionalism from their inside out and will offer to meet you before and during the run up to your wedding day as many times as is needed to ensure that your entertainment is planned to the letter. They will also offer suggestions on what works and what doesn’t and take music requests to ensure they have your most favouritetracks on the big day. All in all the overall impression you will get from them should be professional, friendly, knowledgeable and wanting to go the extra mile to satisfy their clients’ needs and requests.</p>

So, to summarise, before you pay your money, ask yourself these questions:-</p>
Have you met your DJ?
Does your DJ conform to the legalities?

  1. Can they provide you with what you are looking for?
  2. Does their website look professional &amp; expensive rather than untidy and cluttered?<
  3. Are there testimonials on their site, what do they say, are they legitimate and are they recent?
  4. Have they played in a number of prestigious locations before?
  5. Would I rather pay a bit more and get a fantastic nights entertainment that everyone will remember?

If the answer is yes to the above; book them now before someone else does!
Article by Jeanette Ansell
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