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Slim A Thon 12 week Inch Loss Challenge


Welcome to energie fitness for women Blackburn

The Challenge has started, you have to be in to win!!!....

No joining fee - No contract - 6 personal training sessions

You can join the 12 week inch loss challenge throughout March!!!....

Dreaming of dropping a dress size for your holidays or just want to tone up to feel good sitting around the pool, plus win some fantastic prizes at the same time!!!.... The unique energie fitness for women Blackburn "inch loss challenge" will give you all the motivation and tools you need to succeed!!!....

Are you up for the challenge click on the inch loss challenge banner at the bottom of this page for full details, remember join before the 31st of March and you could win a 6 month membership, chose which charity receives all the money in the challenge pot and £50 worth of The Therapy Room Blackburn pamper vouchers!

What are you waiting for get started now call 01254 660509 to book your appointment!!!....





We are proud to boast a range of tasty and nutritious supplements at the club to help reach your goals! When there's no pain, there's no gain. If there's a will, there's a way. These are motto's that can build you up into exercising everyday of your life. But what is that way, really? Why not start a lifestyle with "whey" as part of that routine and put some energie packed "whey" into your life.
EAS WHEY Protein Powder:
Use it as a healthy snack / meal replacement or addition to many foods! Protein in its pure form is excellent at helping with your muscle tone as it replenishes your muscles which are broken down during exercise aiding recovery and progress. Even for those on the go looking for a healthy pick me up, it makes a fantastic snack without all the extra sugars in most smoothies or milkshakes yet packs a mean punch with the taste! Flavours are available in chocolate, strawberry, vanilla or banana to make a delicious creamy shake in seconds. It also makes a great addition for flavouring in baking, why not try some vanilla buns or make your own banana bread or protein pancakes, the list is endless! Try a scoop in plain yogurts or porridge, who, can resist a nice chocolate or fruity flavoured breakfast or snack?!
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• It provides an ample amount of protein that is substantial to the body's muscle tissue during exercise.
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• To individuals under controlled diets and weight loss program, whey protein is a good source of low level calories and does not give an upset stomach.
EAS Meal Replacement Nutritional Shakes:
A tasty creamy carton of heaven that fits perfectly into your handbag for those times on the go giving you the perfect filling snack to tide you over between your meals or alternatively as a meal replacement. We have creamy strawberry, very nice vanilla and tasty chocolate to take your pick from- you will never pick up an angel delight again!! Their convenient size, make it handy to stock up and cart about-pardon the pun!
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