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New Charity Shop Opening In Belfast!


Our new Walk INN – To Help The Homeless Charity Shop is opening soon in Belfast, Belfast And Lisburn Community Project will be proud to welcome you all with your support and your kind donation.

Looking to bag a bargain, shop or declutter your life? You can do all three at our charity shops in Belfast.


WANT TO DONATE Give Directly, See Your Impact


Nobody truly starts out homeless. However, during one’s lifetime, various circumstances turn necessities we all take for granted, like food and shelter, into scarce resources. Whether it be mental health issues, addiction or family circumstance, some people lose their way. Most of us are too busy to see the problem.

One stereotype is that homeless people are scary, dirty, and worthless or should just get a job. We see human beings.

When you give through Belfast And Lisburn Community Project, your donation goes directly to the cause. Know your impact and get total transparency through our partner nonprofits who serve those experiencing poverty.

Every donation, small or large, can have a huge impact on a person’s life.


Working with institutions, trusts, foundations and companies


Working in collaboration with our charity partners is key to achieving our mission - fighting poverty housing and building resilient communities. That’s why we seek to develop partnerships that focus on shared value and fully utilise the strengths and skills of all stakeholders.If your organisation is interested in exploring how we can work together, please use one of the links below for further information.

  • Corporate partners

    Are you looking for a charity partner who can engage and inspire your employees...

  • Hope Builders

    Joining hands with the UK housebuilding industry to tackle the global housing crisis.

  • Institutional partners

    We are fortunate to have the support of a number of institutional organisations who share our vision.

  • Why we work with partners.

    Together, we can be more effective in tackling a key homeless challenge