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Why corporate events are more than just a day away from the office


Despite the common idea that team building events are just to give employees a day away from the office, they can be an important investment in the business thanks to employees gaining new skills or sharpening existing ones. An effective event can highlight attributes in an employee that may not necessarily have been noticed before such as strong communication skills or problem solving abilities.

Business benefits can include increased productivity due to employees learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses meaning that work can be divided more efficiently and less time will be spent correcting mistakes. Employee motivation can also be increased in multiple ways. Firstly, the commitment to team building activities shows employees that the business cares about them and is willing to invest in their success. Secondly, when teams successfully complete team building activities it also increases their confidence to work in that team, leading to an increased motivation to continue to perform well.  

The most successful team building events are ones that don’t feel like another day in the office where it is obvious that certain skills are being tested. A shared experience with a common end goal allows for team bonding and personal skills to be highlighted in a much more organic manner.

The reasons highlighted above is why BattleSports Glos is a perfect venue for team building events. The Laser combat itself creates an organic team building opportunity with common goals to be achieved in each mission. In order to achieve these goals, communication between the team must be effective and problem solving skills must be utilised in order for each team to complete the objective successfully. Further activities can also be booked to push your team even further with more physical and mental challenges designed to fully engage all shapes and sizes of teams.

Here at BattleSports Glos we offer:

·        Laser combat

·        Bushcraft/survival courses

·        Big Foot relay races

·        Inflatable obstacle courses and wrecking ball

·        5 a side football

·        Rounders

·        And more!

We also share a site with an award winning micro-brewery that is more than willing to help make your day special, providing a meeting space for before the event, plenty of beers for after the event or even a brewery tour!

For a full rundown of activities, the benefits of each type of activity and the return on investment please get in touch at or call 01452 830620 or 07587 144424.