Win Win Property Management - Interview


The role of a property manager

3 months ago

The role of a property manager is a wide and varied one involving a long list of tasks, from finding and screening tenants to managing the budget of the property and making sure all maintenance repair jobs fall within it.


Cylex: What sets apart Win Win Property Management and its services?

Win Win Property Management:  We have an 'inclusive cost' service where we include the cost of all items that we know will be required of a Landlord to have in place before and during the letting of a property, into our commission. The aim of this is to demonstrate to Landlords that we make no mark up in contractors costs but also to assist the cashflow as the costs are paid monthly as opposed to a big lump in one inconvenient month.

Cylex: Do you have a pet or smoking policy for properties that you manage?

Win Win Property Management:  As a company we have no preference to pets or smoking and Landlords will give preference for the tenant of their property to which we will abide by.

Cylex: Do you require home insurance for the homeowner / landlord or rental insurance for the tenant?

Win Win Property Management:  It is the Landlords responsibility to insure that they have sufficient Insurance to cover their needs and they would be well advised to speak to a broker that has been referred to them. We do not offer a rental insurance/guarantee policy as our commissions are tied to the rental received so we are incentivised to have the rent paid without the need for the Landlords cost for a guarantee to be put in place.


Cylex: How do you handle property maintenance?

Win Win Property Management:  All maintenance is reported to ourselves via email and or telephone call. Depending on the Landlords preference we would either discuss the maintenance with the Landlord or instruct relevant contractors. We would then settle the billing and deduct the costs from the Landlords next rental statement.

Cylex: How do you screen and select rental applicants?

Win Win Property Management:  All applications are processed thoroughly via a specialist third party before being reviewed by Win Win Property before agreement to accept an applicant is made with the Landlord.

Cylex: How do you determine the best rent for a property?

Win Win Property Management:  We use various comparison tools to see where the market currently lies to reaffirm our initial feelings before viewing the property to inspect the layout, fittings and condition before reaching agreement with the Landlord on the level to set the rent at.


As with any occupation, the procedures, laws and general lay of the land changes constantly with property management and real estate. It’s a property manager’s job to know the latest real estate news so that they can best advise their clients. Keep up to date.