UK Performance Restoration Ltd - Interview


About brick cleaning and restoration


The  UK Performance Brick Cleaning and Restoration  is a specialist in  stone cleaning, repointing and paint removal, based in London. They also are specialists in  brick cleaning, stone cleaning and stone restoration contractors, with over 20 years combined experience in the industry.


Cylex 1. What is brick cleaning?

UK Performance Brick Cleaning and Restoration: Brick cleaning is a process in which all of the modern day pollutants such as traffic, harsh weather, general neglect and also all of the natural growths as moss and algae are being stripped from the brick surface without damaging the brick itself, or pointing.


Cylex 2. What is it that you use to do the cleaning and how is it applied?

UK Performance Brick Cleaning and Restoration: After the suitable preparation (sheeting windows, etc) we apply specially formulated brick cleaning formula to the surface and this is thoroughly worked in and rinsed off. The end result will be to reveal the original colour and texture of the brick face. Depending on the surface worked we use several methods of cleaning: pressure water washing, pressure steam washing, sandblasting, chemical application or water spraying. We are proud to have combined 20 years of experience in the industry and being able to tackle any job without hassle.

Cylex 3. Can graffiti and paint be removed?

UK Performance Brick Cleaning and Restoration: Yes, of course. Graffiti and paint can be removed from any surfaces. Many graffiti and paint removal methods involve abrasive processes (wire-brushing, grit blasting, sand blasting etc.) or the use of powerful and potentially hazardous chemical solvents, which may damage historic fabric (a stone facade of a historic building). Some chemical cleaning agents can also be used with an inert poultice material, in which case the chemical is usually applied first to dissolve the pigment, followed by the poultice to draw the pigment in solution out of the substrate.



Cylex 4. What is DOFF Cleaning and for what do you recommend it?

UK Performance Brick Cleaning and Restoration: DOFF is a steam based stone cleaning system able to achieve temperatures of 150°C at the nozzle end. The operator can regulate the temperature and pressure to remove many types of paint or biological matter (mosses, lichens, algae). DOFF steam cleaning is ideal for the removal of various surface coatings which have become bonded to brick, stone and other substrates and at the same time allows the operator to clean stone without use of chemicals to prolongs the good looks and life of the cleaned surface. The heat of the water also helps to kill the spores of organic matter thus increasing the length of time needed between cleaning. DOFF system is very kind to the substrate that is being cleaned and is therefore liked by listed building officers throughout the country.

Cylex 5. Why do the bricks need to be re-pointed? What happens to them in time?

UK Performance Brick Cleaning and Restoration:  All masonry buildings have one element in common: mortar, the material that separates the individual masonry units. The mortar’s function is not as most people think “to stick the bricks together” but to hold them apart. Gravity is the element that holds masonry together. Over time in a building’s life the mortar will show signs of age and wear. The weathering and decay cause voids in the joints between bricks, allowing the undesirable entrance of water. Water entering through voids can cause significant damage through frost weathering, salt dissolution and deposition. Brick repointing is the process of renewing the pointing in masonry construction.


Cylex 6. Where are you located and how can someone get in touch with you?

UK Performance Brick Cleaning and Restoration: UK Performance Restoration are based in Sutton, London. Our work greatly enhances the appearance and value of your home or property. We cover all of London’s areas such as Kingston upon Thames, Twickenham, Streatham, Kensington, Fulham, Crystal Palace, Wimbledon, Wandsworth etc. For all list of Boroughs please see Areas We Cover section of our website.

You can contact us by calling Office: 0800 999 6776, Michael: 07507 570 114 or Lee 07956 810 714. You can also visit out website and use our contact form.


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