The Style Lounge - Interview


Their motto: Love Fashion. Feel Fashion. Live Fashion.

one month ago

The Style Lounge is the place to be for all the latest fashion trends with a unique shopping experience and wide range of women's clothing. With fashion, gift sets and a free chocolate lolly in your order they truly concentrate on you.


Cylex: How did The Style Lounge get its start?

The Style Lounge: The Style Lounge was first started from a love of fashion but also from a need to be different and give back to women who only saw the cliche industry of what we "should" look like. I've had a tough life to say the least but it's made me the person I am today and I wish to build TSL into something worthwhile for so many people. I'm a massively creative person that loves making people happy so bringing my own style and skills to others was the perfect adventure. The Style Lounge was born with the help and encouragement from loved ones, to be uniquely caring and overly stylish with a twist of fun and without the stigma of perfect. We're real.

Cylex: How do you manage to stay on top and compete with the large retail stores in your area? What sets The Style Lounge apart?

The Style Lounge: If there's one thing I've learnt through this process it's to not compete, my business is me and I show that wholeheartedly. I truly am happy for other contenders in the same industry but to compete with the big leagues is too much pressure. I go above and beyond for my customers from chocolate treats to individual discounts and together with my creativity these set me apart from so many others solely because I care. My customers aren't just a number and a sale. I have 5* 100% positive ratings across the board, need I say more. :)


Cylex: Can you give us a few tips about the current fashion trends? For example, what accessories are most popular on your site right now?

The Style Lounge: By far the best selling items I have are chokers, pom-pom keychains and rips in clothing. If you're looking for something so on trend right now go for a choker, you can wear it day or night with a mix of outfits and it's such a simple accessory yet it makes a massive statement.

Cylex: What type of brands and designers do you collaborate with?

The Style Lounge: All my products are bought by independent wholesale companies handpicked to ensure the best quality and sizing and are always UK based. High street, affordable fashion and accessories inspired by but not endorsed by celebs so customers get huge value for money. Usually any collaborations are with other small businesses like myself however I don't rule anyone out.

Cylex: Do you also have a physical location? If so, how difficult do you find it to maintain both the online store and the shop? Or are you mostly focused on your online shop?

The Style Lounge: My boutique is solely based online to ensure the business and customers get my full attention and money is spent on expanding and ensuring I'm always improving.

Cylex: What is your return policy?

The Style Lounge: I have a simple returns form available on the website for easy returns or exchanges. Customers have 30 days from receipt of their item to return it. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure goods are sent back in original condition with tags intact. Currently returns are paid by the buyer and it is advised to send signed for or tracked with Royal Mail. Once item has been received and checked a full refund or exchange will be given.


Cylex: What are your plans for The Style Lounge in the future?

The Style Lounge: I wish to carry on building up The Style Lounge and turn it into a business worth while for myself, my loved ones but more importantly for my customers. My dreams of making something truly unique that provides myself with financial freedom are already in the making, I hope I can turn it into something much more special. My ultimate dream would be physical shops in Leicester and Birmingham to expand my client base and offer products these cities are missing.


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