The D4 Studio Warrington - Interview


Motivation is the key

2 months ago

If you really want to get fit, you have to put in the time, effort and commitment. Changes don’t happen overnight, we all know that. The key to success with a personal trainer? Know exactly what you want and use them to help you get there.


Cylex: How many days per week do you advise people to work out?

The D4 Studio Warrington: We advise clients to have 2-3 sessions per week at the studio for optimal results

Cylex: What are the best exercises for getting rid of muffin tops/bat wings/inner thigh bulge?

The D4 Studio Warrington:  Full Body HIIT Sessions using weight training, resistance training and functional training.

Cylex: What's included in your personal training programs?

The D4 Studio Warrington: All Personal Training Packages come with diet nutrition guidance, a gym or home workout plan and 24/7 support.

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Cylex: How quickly will someone see the results of your training? What types of results can someone expect to achieve in working with you? How do you motivate the people you work with?

The D4 Studio Warrington: Clientele can see results in as little as 4 weeks. The best results show on average between week 8 -12. We motivate our clients by encouraging them to push through and remind them of their fitness goals.

Cylex: What are the challenges of the fitness industry?

The D4 Studio Warrington:  Competition. However we are the only Private 1-2-1 Personal Training Studio in Warrington

Cylex: How are you different from a trainer at a chain gym?

The D4 Studio Warrington: The difference between trainers at chain gym and personal trainers running their own business is actually that. Business. Don't get me wrong chain gym Personal Trainers are great. However they see it more as a hobby rather than a lifestyle change helping the clientele to their maximum potential.


Whether you require real-life stories as inspiration or just need the personal attention that a trainer can provide, motivation is a key tool in a personal trainer’s arsenal and one of the main reasons many people keep going back. Read more about D4 Studion on the following link: