The Body Engineer - The Merisoiu Technique Institute - Interview


What is The Merisoiu Technique?


Alexandra is known as The Body Engineer and is the founder of The Merisoiu Technique Institute of Health And Natural Human Movement™. She works with people who have a passion and want to excel through strong foundations. It is more than just fitness and fun, it is body mastery based on Martial Arts Wisdom™ and Natural Human Movement™. Her clients are passionate and dedicated to get the results they seek.


Cylex 1. What is the Merisoiu Technique more exactly? What makes it different from other types of training?

The Body Engineer: The Merisoiu Technique is the system our clients go through. The technique it about more than just fitness or boot camp, it’s body mastery based on Martial Arts Wisdom™ and Natural Human Movement™.  To make it as complete as possible there are 5 essential principles that guide our training: Nature, Natural Human Movement™, Mindful Control, Fluid Movement and Food Discipline. Many clients come to us with injuries or want to reach the next level in their training. Going through the system, over 3 to 12 months, we re-engineer how the body functions to run like clockwork. This is done through building lasting foundations and a fit, strong and powerful body through Natural Human Movement in the Natural Environment.

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Cylex 2. When did it all start and what made Alexandra Merisoiu want to change the way typical training sessions go?

The Body Engineer: The problem we see today across the fitness industry is the emphasis on quantity, not quality. They promote on short training sessions to squeeze them in between our other commitments. This approach leads to many prolonged physical injuries, coupled with lack of motivation and meaning behind exercising.This problem became more and more obvious over the years since I began as a Personal Trainer in a gym. Something had to change and that’s what I did. What many people fail to understand is that weight loss (the focus of today's society) comes and goes - but a damaged body will never fully recover. Clients come to me lacking the confidence, enthusiasm and desire to spend time exercising in a gym. They also lack the in depth knowledge that would enable them to recover from injuries, reduce the risk of injuries and take their training to the next level. The Merisoiu Technique was created to overcome these problems. It’s a system that focuses on building strong foundations for a powerful body and mind. This is done through five essential principles addressing the fundamentals of Natural Human Movement™. After completing the first stages of training her clients feel strong, powerful and confident in their abilities and knowledge.

Cylex 3. Why is it important to train outdoors instead of being in a gym?

The Body Engineer: I am very passionate about getting out of the concrete boxes and back to nature. I believe that the environmental limitations leads to other limitations as well. How many times did you go for a walk in the park and an idea, or the best solution to the problem you are trying to solve, just came to mind. Ted Turner, founder of CNN, used to go for longs walks when he need to solve problems or come up with fresh ideas.“If we physically in a box we are mentally there as well.” Furthermore our stone-age bodies are not adapted to the type of environment we have created. We now live longer and are healthier but we have also caused other diseases that were inexistent or very rare before industrialization, such as diabetes and obesity. Even osteoporosis was less common. It is important to allow the body space and freedom to move, breathe, be creative and get strong. The reason we have muscles, joints and a mobile skeleton is because it was designed to move, not sit for hours or be limited by four walls. Walking, running, jumping, climbing, lifting, carrying, crawling, squatting, throwing, catching. You see kids do this all the time. And this is what we do at The Merisoiu Technique Institute.

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Cylex 4. In what ways can this training lead to body mastery?

The Body Engineer: Warm up, main session and cool down. This is your typical 1h fitness session.

Our sessions are 1h30min long. When people hear this they are scared, thinking they will be pushed hard for 1h30min. After they understand the structure of a session then they understand its value and how it leads to body mastery. The main section of the session when you practice The Merisoiu Technique is actually TECHNIQUE, where body mastery is achieved, and it lasts for up to 40 min of the whole session. After the techniques section, we have cardio and cool down. In the technique section we have a theme: crawls, running, jumping, balance and body weight transfer or something else. Each theme has a series of exercises (based on where in the training everyone is: stage 1, stage 2, or 3). We take each exercise and we learn:

1.    The shape of the exercise - simple movement, how the exercise looks like

2.    Technique fine tuning – understanding where the movement comes from

Here we learn some basic biomechanics. We understand why knees or back hurts, why we get tired fast, how to use the core muscles and the body as a whole. It’s an amazing experience for everyone, this is what brings meaning and passion to fitness. This is where exercising stops and training begins.

3.    Breathing – for each exercise we talk about how to breathe, why that way and why it is important

The three stages everyone goes through are:

1.    Stage 1 – Foundations

2.    Stage 2 – Development

3.    Stage 3 – Mastery

Those who are fitter go through the stages faster but everyone goes through them. Another important aspect of The Merisoiu Technique is the focus on movement rather than repeating on the spot. In fact we don’t really do reps and sets and we rarely stand on the stop. We move from one place to another and we increase the distance. At higher levels we also count. But the focus is on repetitions with correct technique. Once the technique is lost repetitions are useless.

Cylex 5. How is this technique promoted? Do you have a regular clientèle?

The Body Engineer: The technique is promoted through social media and business directories such as Cylex. On social media we are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram as main platforms. All under id Alexandra Merisoiu, the founder and head coach. We are also officially licensed Personal Trainers in the Royal Parks, mainly training in Hyde Park and Green Park. We are mentioned in national and local media outlets such as The Guardian and County Border News and radio stations such as Ridge Radio – Tandridge. And of course websites and articles for The Merisoiu Technique Institute Blog and other platforms such as WatchFit and for entrepreneurs on Amanda C Watts – The Startup Strategist.  As for regular clientele. Our focus so far has been on Personal Training with programs of 3 months. But, so far, no one has stopped at 3 months. The shortest are 6 months, while we have clients who have been with us for almost 3 years. In 2016 the focus is on classes, so we expect clients to stay with us even longer. The HQ is in Oxted, Surrey so that is where we begin with classes.

Cylex 6. What are the future plans regarding the development of the Merisoiu Technique Institute?

The Body Engineer: To begin with in 2016 we are launching classes in Oxted, Surrey. There is a book by Alexandra Merisoiu coming out by June 2016 Essential Guide For The Healthy And Fit Entrepreneur. Also a few other ebooks, which will be available to download for free. We have wild retreats planned, all year round. Some for weekend escapes, other are a whole week of going wild and reclaiming your nature. The plan is to get involved in environmental protection as well. We have big plans but will keep you updated when we get things going.  Five years from now, The Merisoiu Technique Institute will be a real institute of biomechanics, with researchers, teachers and qualified coaches worldwide teaching The Merisoiu Technique.


Are you lacking the confidence, enthusiasm and desire to spend time exercising in a gym. Or maybe lack the mental and physical strength and power required to reach your fitness goals.The Merisoiu Technique, Alexandra as your personal trainer can help you overcome such issues.