SPG Fabrications - Interview


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14 days ago

If we look in the dictionary, the word ‘custom’ means a conventional way of doing something or adopting practices that are common standard. However when it comes to ‘custom metal fabrication’ the exact opposite is the case. When a fabrication company offers ‘custom steel fabrication’ it generally means that it’s been specifically made to either be totally unique, or made to that person’s exacting requirements.


Cylex: What sort of steelwork projects can SPG Fabrications help with?

SPG Fabrications: Any generator related products can be designed and fabricated: containers, enclosures, bases, fuel tanks and fill points; all types of metal container for example for transportation; bespoke steel structures; steel gates and fences.

Cylex: Could you take us briefly through the process of a creating a bespoke container?

SPG Fabrications: Firstly, we assess what the client requires from the project work before coming up with a design or we can work to the clients plans/drawings.  Once the plan and specification are we proceed with manufacturing the container. The structure of all containers is tested and then if required they are spray painted to the clients preferred colour, before being delivered to site.

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Cylex: Where do you send your products once made? Do you only work within UK?

SPG Fabrications: We manufacture for clients in the UK and worldwide.

Cylex: What sort of clients request a bespoke project from you?

SPG Fabrications: National Health Service, HM Prison Service, Large retail companies, Data Centre industry, Environment Agency, Local Council Authority, Pharmaceutical Industry, M&E Contractors, Motor Industry Manufactures, Oil & Gas Industry.

Cylex: How big is the team you work with?

SPG Fabrications: Currently we have 10-20 skilled and experienced staff.

Cylex: Do you plan to expand as a business? How do the next 5 years look like for your business?

SPG Fabrications: Yes, we intend to expand our range of products and the services offered and reach out to different industries.


In essence custom metal fabrication means making anything from decorative metal screens and gates, through to mezzanine flooring, tubular parts or even metal wire. Most steel fabricators operate using state-of-the-art lasers which allow them to work to exacting measurements often to within fractions of a millimetre. This means that holes can be precision drilled and countersunk to perfection and metal can be angled and cut to fit, just like a jigsaw puzzle. In other words as long as the customer’s measurements are exact, then a fabricator should be able to reproduce a part that fits.