Sheldon Enterprises Rotherham - Interview


Payroll? Who is going to take care of it?

8 months ago

Failure to execute payroll tasks appropriately can result in penalties from the administering government agencies. Payroll duties vary by employer. In general, they include the application of federal, state and local labor and tax laws. By knowing some critical things about payroll, you reduce the likelihood of errors and penalties.


Cylex: What are the benefits to working with a payroll provider?

Sheldon Enterprises Rotherham: I free you from the hassle of doing your payroll work, so you can concentrate on your business

Cylex: Why did you choose to work with small business?

Sheldon Enterprises Rotherham: I am keen to see new startup industries succeed, as they are the backbone of industry


Cylex: How often does payroll legislation change in UK? How do you keep informed?

Sheldon Enterprises Rotherham: HMRC is always progressing, we use the latest payroll software that keeps us updated on changes.

Cylex: What payment methods do you offer for Payroll payments?

Sheldon Enterprises Rotherham: At the moment we can only tell you the net amounts to pay your staff. At some point we aim to offer direct payments to bank for our clients.

Cylex: Who is your ideal client?

Sheldon Enterprises Rotherham: A startup business, that has potential to grow.

Cylex: What stands out in your services and why would someone consider working with you?

Sheldon Enterprises Rotherham: We have over 40 years experience in payroll, and have the keenest prices around.


Payroll laws are susceptible to change, so stay on the lookout for changes that affect the existing and upcoming year. There are more aspects to payroll, such as hiring family members, salary payment schedules, lunch period requirements, pre tax benefit tax calculations, payroll audit, pay stub requirements, timekeeping, payroll reconciliation and wage garnishment. When in doubt, contact the administering agency or a payroll consultant.