Quay Virtual Assistance - Interview


Using a virtual assistant

10 months ago

Using a virtual assistant can shave hours from your workweek, but knowing which tasks to delegate can be tricky, whether you're starting or growing a business. Most virtual assistants are contract or freelance workers who do their jobs from home and focus on administrative tasks that are similar to those of an executive assistant or secretary.


Cylex: What sort of tasks can 'Quay Virtual Assistance' help with?

Quay Virtual Assistance: As well as writing CVs for individuals, I provide business admin services for small businesses such as data input and management, letter and report writing, audio typing, proofreading, research services, website copywriting and project and event management. My specialism is HR so I can prepare or update HR documentation, transcribe recordings or disciplinary meetings, organise training events and I handle recruitment.

Cylex: What are the advantages of working with you as a Virtual Assistant?

Quay Virtual Assistance: Cost, cost, cost!  I am payable by the hour and so perfect for those busy periods.  There are none of the usual overheads associated with employees.


Cylex: What sort of experience have you had so far and in what fields?

Quay Virtual Assistance: I've worked for over 30 years in HR in media, financial services, retail, local government and in public practice accountancy.  Since becoming a virtual assistant I've provided services for a variety of businesses including HR consultancies, events management, engineering, construction, sports club and web solutions.

Cylex: How much do you charge and how does the client pay for your services?

Quay Virtual Assistance: My rates are available to view on my website at www.quayvirtualassistance.co.uk. Business clients pay monthly usually by bank transfer. CV clients usually pay by bank transfer or cheque, whichever is their preference.

Cylex: What sort of businesses do you work with?

Quay Virtual Assistance: HR consultants, events management, web solutions, sports clubs, engineering and construction. Any small business that requires assistance with HR.

Cylex: What are some of the most requested tasks you receive?

Quay Virtual Assistance: Transcription of disciplinary meetings is a popular request closely followed recruitment handling and CVs.

Cylex: What are some of the most typical virtual tasks?

Quay Virtual Assistance: Transcription, updating HR documentation such as handbooks and contracts, data input, proofreading, research, website copywriting, website testing.

Cylex: What is the process to get started?

Quay Virtual Assistance: Contact me on Tel: 07463 085991 or at lindsey.drake@quayvirtualassistance.co.uk.  I'm also on Facebook and Linkedin (Lindsey Drake).


It is now easier to hire and work with a virtual assistant than ever before because of the way that technology has been evolving and competition in the marketplace. Because of globalization you are just one step away from freeing up your time, reducing costs and generating more profits than ever by learning to work with a VA.