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They are all around: QR codes

7 months ago

We can see them everywhere, on packaging and products, in magazines and brochures. They’re called QR codes – short for Quick Response. They can take you anywhere with a simple scan from a smartphone, tablet or even from your PC and laptops.


Cylex: What do the letters QR stand for? How/where are QR Codes used?



QRcrazy.co: QR codes, or Quick Response codes, are easiest explained as the not-so-well-known little brother of the common Bar Code.  Bar codes, of course, are commonly used in your local store and just about everywhere else to scan your purchases.  Whereas Barcodes are a series of short lines, QR codes are a pattern, or puzzle effect formed inside a square.  The most widespread version is the black & white pattern seen on the advertising and packaging of global companies such as McDonald's amongst many others.  QR codes can be scanned by anyone with a free QR code reader downloaded from the App store to any smart device.  There are also programs available that will allow QR codes to be read on your PC or laptop.  Perhaps the best way to understand QR codes is to download a free QR code reader and scan one for yourself.  Then you can think about making your own free QR code by visiting QRcrazy and following the straight-forward way of making one.  It’s easier than you think.  No special skills are needed.  QR codes can be created by anyone and linked to a variety of mediums including: websites, text, social media, contact details and geo-locations.  After being downloaded your QR code can be printed off or posted anywhere.  Once scanned, the content you added when creating your QR code will be displayed for anyone to see.  When you’ve had your fun, you’ll likely want more and move up to a Premium QR code generator such as the one at QRcrazy.com where you will be able to let your creative juices flow and produce stunning, colorful QR codes and great calls-to-action to attract attention and gain more clicks.

Cylex: How large is QR Code?

QRcrazy.co: QRcrazy is a new and exciting entry into the QR code market.  We pride ourselves on offering the best value QR codes on the internet.  We make it easy and foolproof for businesses and individuals wanting to create dynamic, eye-catching QR codes for events, packaging, business stationery and more.  We aim to lead the market with features such as pre-generated border frames and QRcontent icons, saving people time and resources in creating your own QR codes.  The standard, free black & white QR codes are available, but with the optional Premium membership customers pay a small fee of $5 per month (no contract) to access the additional options.  These extras include handy tools such as the free border frames, QRcontent icons, click-tracking, full color palette and the ability to add a photo or logo to an exclusive QR code.  No designer fee is another plus as you personally create QR codes that act as impressive calls-to-action for your messages and website links.

Cylex:  Is it possible to encode Chinese or Korean with a QR Code?

QRcrazy.co: An interesting question and not something we have experimented with.  Giving the issue some thought, we know that our QR codes are designed to link to a number of media formats such as website URLs, telephone numbers, social media links, text and contact info.  Websites and social media online links would follow the normal Western format.  Telephone numbers would need to be alpha numeric to be recognized, but text should not be an issue as that could simply be entered or copy and pasted into the text box which would then be held on our secure server.  The ensuing QR code would be a direct link to the text entry and display whatever was entered into the text box.  QR codes were first created in Japan by Denso-Wave - a subsidiary of the Toyota Group with a free-to-use copyrighted by their inventor in 1994.  They were designed to track parts in the vehicle manufacturing industry so the use of Asian languages, particularly as text QR codes, may be less of a problem than envisaged.

Cylex: Are QR Codes free?  What is the difference between free ones and the ones you pay for?

QRcrazy.co: Yes and no.  Free black & white QR codes are commonly used and freely available on a number of websites that will then offer you products associated with QR codes or try to entice you into a paid version.  At QRcrazy.co we offer a free version with no strings attached – no registration is required, there is no tracking and no contract to tie you in.  Simply make your free QR code, download it and use it in any way you wish.  That’s it.  But should you want something better than your competitors and are looking to make a statement with a unique QR code, then our Premium option gives you all you need for a low monthly payment – and that’s after a free 30 day free trial.  Once you have Premium membership your options increase considerably.  You have the ability to change the shapes that make up a QR code, select colors and a colorful background, place your logo or photo in the centre or use a free QRcontent icon.  Then there is the range of free background frames to choose from that act as prominent calls-to-action for business or frame a personal message.  You can go into your account to change what you’re not happy with, count the clicks you receive and download in different sizes.  With a limit of 50 reusable QR codes at your disposal the satisfaction and fun you get from creating your personally designed QR code a Premium membership is worth every penny.


Cylex:  How many people know how to use QR Codes? Is it hard to learn how to use them?

QRcrazy.co: Probably the best way to answer this one is by referring you to our mission statement:

‘Our mission is to introduce and popularize QR codes by offering free and Premium accounts to add fun and interest to QR codes in a unique way. We hope to encourage the use of QR codes in business, commerce, education and your personal life. The possibilities are endless. The only limit is your imagination.’

QR codes are fun to use, they are practical and the cheapest form of advertising that money can buy.  They are easy to make and simple to read with a free QR code reader from the App store that displays the content of a well-made QR code directly on your smart device.  There are also programs now available that allow QR codes to be read on your PC or laptop.  Our website at QRcrazy.co is packed with pages of information and useful guides with step-by-step instructions.  QR codes can be seen everywhere, from McDonalds wrapping to the sides of trucks, on packaging and advertising.  The issue is that they are often standard black & white QR codes that the public generally ignores.  Our hope is to change this perception by making QR codes fun and colorful to attract attention and give them the prominence they deserve.

Cylex: What are the most creative uses for QR Codes?

QRcrazy.co: Again I refer you to our website at QRcrazy.co.  The uses for QR codes are virtually inexhaustible.  There are pages of suggestions on the website that barely scratch the surface.  The original uses that people come up with for QR codes never fail to amaze me with their originality and just plain quirky ideas.  They have become commonplace in art and ceramic tiling.  I have seen QR code tattoos and on unreadable banners in the sky.  They are used in advertising, on menus and in scavenger hunts.  Education is finding more uses for them and they can be used to display ready-made contact details on a smartphone for easy scanning and saving to another device.  They link to any website.  They can be used for feedback to a company site or to dial a phone number.  They can send an email or SMS message.  QR codes can carry information or a simple address on a bracelet for vulnerable people.  They can be used in museums and wildlife parks.  In fact, it’s becoming hard to find a use that someone hasn’t previously come up with.  But you can bet your bottom dollar that someone, somewhere out there is trying.


Just about every major company uses QR codes with more adding them to packaging and websites every day. Start checking what you buy to watch how their use is growing.