Man With A Van Edinburgh - Interview


Moving on up!

8 months ago

There comes a time in everyone's life when one has to move. Man with a van Edinburgh is always there to help you out - and provide some helpful tips along the process.

Cylex: How did you decide to start your own removals company?
Man With A Van
: I started Man with a van when I worked in London for a short time. I drove a van and used it to carry my own watersport equipment, surfboard, canoe etc.
Then a friend asked for help to move a fridge for him, just because I had a van. Then whilst at University in Edinburgh, there were many students that needed to move house or from flat to flat around campus, and transport their items to and from their family home all over the country. This was the process of the birth of Man with a van. Possibly all by accident?
Cylex: Is it difficult to divide your time between London and Edinburgh, instead of focusing on a smaller area?
Man With A Van
: A few years ago, we conducted approximately 10 deliveries to and from London to Edinburgh. Now we accomplish over 50 trips per year, completing over 200 deliveries. As we conduct part load, as well as full load deliveries.
As we have many vans available, we are able to deliver from Edinburgh to London as well as completing all our Edinburgh to Edinburgh and local area deliveries.

Cylex: How many employees do you have and what kind of schedule do they keep?
Man With A Van
: We currently have 4 employees, and have 3 vans that work everyday as required. If we require extra help for larger jobs, or we need to move very heavy items like pianos and safes etc., we can get extra help.
Cylex: Do you handle removals for individuals, such as people changing homes, or do you cater to companies as well? What are the price differences?
Man With A Van
: We conduct both commercial and domestic moves. The price, generally, will be the same for all types of removals. We base our price structure on the amount of time that the removal will take. So the bigger jobs, taking many hours will be charged for all the hours used. Whilst small jobs, such as house removals, that take just one hour, will be charged at an hour's rate. And this can be with one or as many men required to complete the job.

Cylex: Could you give us some packing or weight distribution tips?
Man With A Van
: You should always use closed boxes or crates. It makes the removal go much quicker if the removal boxes are not too heavy and are sealed with parcel tape. The removal carton should be filled completely and sealed. When the boxes are loaded and placed on top of each other, if the carton is filled slighty from the top, the carton will collapse, when others are placed on top. If the boxes are open, with items hanging out, this means that other cartons cannot be placed on top. If the boxes are open, there is always the increased possibility of items falling out.
Cylex: Where do you see your company headed in the near future?
Man With A Van
: We are currently doing well. We are an established business, and started in the year 2000. We are increasing our workload to and from London and across the country. And I believe that will be a major part of our business. We have bought 2 new vans this year and have taken on more employees. I would love to establish a depot in the London area, allowing our long distance removals to have better logistics. Where we can store removal property both short term and long term, and for interim storage between leaving and entering your new property.
Our future for the local Edinburgh area will increase our market share. We are increasing the number of moves, year on year, and this should not change. We are bringing better systems into our office, where the running of the business will be better, and streamlined. I am looking forward to our prospects for the coming year!

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