Make Their Day Florist - Interview


Keep Calm & Trust 'Make Their Day Florist'

25 days ago

How did you choose the name of your business?

We wanted a name that was a call to action as well as a good name for a flower shop.

What is the style that is characteristic for ‘Make Their Day Florist’?

Shabby Chic, but we do all styles of floristry.

How far in advance should someone contact the florist when ordering wedding flowers?

I need at least one month notice, but many brides contact me one or two years in advance.

How many weddings do you take per week?

I only commit to one wedding per day so that a bride has my full attention for her special day.

Will you be able to work with a budget?

I always work to a budget! and I stick to it. However, it is rare to meet a bride who doesn't change her mind or adds a buttonhole here or a bridesmaids bouquet there, right up to 2 hours before the ceremony!

How about helping clients choosing the flowers when they only have an idea about what they want? How often does this happen?

Some brides know exactly what they want. Many haven't a clue. But they are always delighted with the final outcome on their special day... 

What is in style for this year?

Big blousy bouquets with lots of foliage and large, statement flowers in strong colours, like burgundy.

What do the brides like?

Every bride is different. My job is to understand what her dream wedding looks like and interpret it in flowers.

What satisfaction do you have as a florist?

Immense satisfaction. I love my customers to receive flowers that are beyond their expectation. Flowers often have an emotional response - but I don't like to watch men cry.

Since when have you been bringing colour for the special moments of people?

We deliver all your floral wishes for every occasion for 7 years now.

How do customers come to know about you?

A lot of word of mouth, Facebook.