Lee's Guitar Lessons - Interview


Learn how to play guitar!


Before you learned to drive a car, you were taught about all the knobs, buttons, and gears. Same goes with learning how to play guitar. Before you can start playing, you need to know where everything is and what everything does. From the bridge to the headstock, take some time to get to know the guitar.


Cylex 1. What are the benefits of studying the guitar? Are there any?

Lee's Guitar Lessons: There are many, many benefits of playing guitar such as giving you better intellectual capacity, discipline and patience, it can Relieve stress and give you a great sense of achievement. It also gives you hours and hours of fun and can also make you look pretty  cool at a party.

Cylex 2. How long are the lessons and how often? What do students learn during the lesson?

Lee's Guitar Lessons: I teach lessons from 30 mins to 2 hour lessons. Students learn anything from tuning, chords, scales & melodies to playing lead guitar solos, improvising & playing and writing songs.



Cylex 3. Will there be opportunities to perform?

Lee's Guitar Lessons: There is chances of performing in open mic nights and jamming sessions around the local areas

Cylex 4. What makes your method different from other methods?

Lee's Guitar Lessons:  it is a no nonsense delivery method with a very direct but relaxed approach, getting the student learning their favourite songs from the off and teaching them in a very simplistic and uncomplicated manner

Cylex 5. What music materials are required for the lessons?

Lee's Guitar Lessons: The student should  bring their own guitar as it's very important for the student to practice what they have learnt when they go home after the lesson. Consistency is key when learning an instrument, even if the student plays for just 15 minutes everyday, it is far more beneficial than just picking it up once a week.


Lee is an experienced and qualified guitar tutor having played, toured & recorded for many years. He loves teaching and has taught in one capacity or another for over 25 years. He believes to teach what he loves most is a great, rewarding privilege, and he loves to be able to give something back and pass on the skills and knowledge he has spent so many years doing. Get in touch with him now and start your guitar lessons!

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