Khalsa Wills - Interview


Khalsa Wills when you're in need of a will

2 months ago

What will happen if someone doesn't make a Will?

 If you do not make a Will, then your assets could pass to family members that you do not want to pass anything to.  The rules of intestacy apply and that means that family members next in line inherit.  If you are married and do not make a Will, your spouse will only inherit your estate up to a certain amount.  If you make a Will, then it allows you to choose who inherits from your estate. 

Let's say that someone is not wealthy, do this person need a Will?

Please justify your answer.  Being wealthy or not does not come into it.  Anyone who owns anything, large or small should make a Will.  You can choose who to leave items to and state your funeral wishes too so it is not always about being wealthy, but about choice. 

Does marriage, civil partnership or divorce affect the Will? How?  

Marriage usually revokes a Will unless there is a clause to say that the Will is still valid upon marriage or divorce.  Always make a Will upon separating. 

When making a Will, what are the most important things to consider?  

You should consider who you do not wish to include in your Will, why not and who will be the executors.  They are people or distribute your estate and deal with the practicalities of distribution.  You should also consider what shares you want to leave and to whom.  

How much does it cost to write a will? How long does the process take? 

It costs £190 for a standard Will and takes 1 hour. 

What are a few of the most complicated things you have to deal when writing a will?

 Dealing with clients who want to exclude their children as it can be emotional for the client.  Also dealing with businesses that are owned and how to ensure that the business continues when one party passes away.

What sets your services apart? 

We are an award-winning business and focus on client care.  We have just won Best Business in the Black Country Business Awards on 29th September.