Garage Door Automation & Repair Ltd - Interview


Choose a door that complements your architecture

one month ago

The majority of garage doors in the UK households use the same operating principles. A large door that’s separated into flexible panels moves up and down on rollers installed in a track system. The garage door opener, usually mounted in the center of the garage provides the actual pulling power to bring the garage door up or down. However, without the weight-reducing assistance of the springs that typically run across the length of the garage door opening, the opener motor wouldn’t be able to pull up the significantly heavy weight of a garage door.


Cylex: Do you offer residential and commercial work?

Garage Door Automation & Repair Ltd: We provide residential  services only.

Cylex: What materials are garage doors made of? Which ones are the best?

Garage Door Automation & Repair Ltd: The garage doors are made of various materials, mainly steel / metal.  The best door type is Sectional Insulated door.

Cylex: How often should the overhead garage door be serviced? How does one tell if the garage door spring is balanced properly?  

Garage Door Automation & Repair Ltd: We recommend an annual service, especially if your door is electric / automated.  Otherwise we'd suggest no longer that every 2 years.  If a door is operating normally / with ease & with no strange sounds then the springs should be fine.


Cylex: What are the most usual issues that you encounter when you go to offer your services?

Garage Door Automation & Repair Ltd: When our services are being requested we usually go for normal repairs which have to do with cables and springs, however this depends on the age & type of the door.

Cylex: How do you make a price for your work and what are the payment methods that you accept?

Garage Door Automation & Repair Ltd: Every job is completely different and costs are tailored to the specific repair or installation.  We accept Bank transfer / Cheque / Cash.

Cylex: What is the area  that you cover and do you charge for work outside the city?

Garage Door Automation & Repair Ltd: There are no additional travel charges.  We cover all areas from Elgin to Forfar and everywhere in between.  We have covered work in Inverness & Perth, however there would be additional travel costs involved.


The garage door has become such a prominent part of the façade of new homes that manufacturers now offer more style and colour choices than ever before. When researching your options, there’s lots to think about: durability, maintenance, design, cost. Choose a door that complements your architecture.