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2 months ago

Everyone wants to achieve better search rankings. That’s because organic search traffic is a proven driver of business growth. The only trouble is, SEO keeps changing and no-one wants a penalty because of doing the wrong thing. Before you can improve your site’s search ranking, it's fundamental to know your current position in the Google search results. This is crucial, even if your site is new. There are several tools and resources that can give you this information. You can also read more in the following interview.


Cylex: What is 'Float Digital' known for and what is your experience on the field?

Float Digital: Float Digital supports businesses to increase their position in search engines, drive organic traffic and achieve higher conversions by demystify SEO and executing successful strategies that yield return on investment (unlike untrusted services advertised on digital marketplaces or companies that outsource to other countries). Float Digital is a young company that was founded by Samantha Charles. Shortlisted as 'Young Search Professional' at the UK Search Awards, Samantha is a Google Certified SEO expert and mentor with 6+ years experience. Complimenting her evolving knowledge of search trends and algorithms, she's also an established content writer, published in high-end magazines such as Vogue. Collaborating with clients in a variety of sectors, both locally and internationally, Sam developed a range of skills managing, prioritising and delivering long-term successful search marketing campaigns. Her extensive client portfolio includes working with 100+ B2C and B2B companies in-house and in an agency environment from small start-ups through to Fortune500 brands.  Armed with experience and drive, Sam launched Float Digital in May 2016.

Cylex: What is the average cost for optimising a website and how long does it take you to do this?

Float Digital: You can't afford not to start an SEO campaign. We can offer SEO solutions from our office in Cornwall from as little as £199.00 which in comparison to the extra revenue that this will create, it's nothing. The cost of optimising your website will depend on a number of factors, such as the number of pages, your niche, the age of your website and what terms you'd like to appear for in Google.  You can find out about our process on our website. It typically takes about 3 months, and we recommend an ongoing strategy for content and link building to further increase rankings. The best way to find out exactly how much you can expect to pay is by dropping us an email.


Cylex: How do you manage to  make SEO flexible and affordable for everybody?

Float Digital: We offer bespoke packages based on your needs; whether it's just a bit of blogger outreach, a full technical optimisation project or a training session to get you and your team up to scratch – you can just choose the expertise you need. There are no setup fees, no monthly contracts and no cancellation fees. We're so confident, that if it isn't working, we will continue to work for FREE.

Cylex: How are your packages created and what does one include usually?

Float Digital: Each and every campaign requires a bespoke consultation, however there are a few steps that almost every website will benefit from:

  • Firstly, we'll establish your aims and objectives. We'll work together to define goals based on market appetite, competition and relevancy. Understanding what terms your potential customers are using is crucial data that will steer your campaign in the right direction.  

  • Secondly, once we've defined the direction for your campaign, we can begin onto the first part of optimising your website. We'll ensure your analytics is configured and SEO issues are resolved. This deliverable will ensure that our progress is tracked and technical setup is complete.

  • Thirdly, we'll optimise your website directed by your keyphrase research. This includes recommendations for all pages to support your journey to page 1 on Google. This process will not only boost your visibility in search engines but also encourage conversions and drive traffic.

Cylex: Are there many companies who look to grow their business online? For those who don't see how important is the online presence, how would you encourage them to get support from your team?

Float Digital: Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day; business owners and marketing managers around the world appreciate the importance of search engine optimisation - your competitors included.


Cylex: Could you give us some examples of your successful campaigns?

Float Digital: One of our eCommerce clients came to us with the aim to increase their visibility in search engines, drive organic traffic and yield higher conversions. This brand didn't rank within the top 100 results for their high-priority keyphrases, but we changed that in just 1 month, and we increased their visibility by 657% for a pool of targeted keyphrases in just 6 months.


It’s helpful to figure out the buyer personas and customer life cycle of your target audience, so that you understand what motivates them. Then, you can provide relevant content that will help your site to rank well. Get more support from ‘Float Digital’!