Evolve NLP Training & Hypnotherapy - Interview


About the mystery of Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy is still a mystery for many and people don’t know enough about it, so we’ve decided to ask hypnotherapist Georgia Walby to tell us more about NLP Hypnotherapy: what it is, what does it involve, what can it help us with and about hypnotherapy sessions via Skype! Below is our interview with her.


Cylex: For those of us who don’t know, what is NLP Hypnotherapy?

Georgia Walby: NLP and Hypnotherapy are both ways of communicating with the unconscious mind. I use a combination of NLP and hypnotherapy because they are very powerful together.

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming is a way of understanding how the unconscious mind organises our thinking patterns and our feelings based on our experiences.

So NLP is a way of understanding why we think, do and feel the things we do.

A lot of our reactions and thinking patterns are not rational, they are based on feelings. Mostly that’s fine, but every now and then we come up with a way of responding that is problematic. This is how we create fears and phobias, addictions, weight issues, anxiety responses and other problems.

Hypnotherapy is all about talking directly to the unconscious mind to make suggestions and give instructions.

So in my NLP Hypnotherapy sessions I use NLP approaches to look at what is going on (i.e. how has the problem occurred at an unconscious level) and I help my clients work out new better strategies and responses. I teach my clients about how the human mind works to create feelings and responses.

I use hypnotherapy to suggest the agreed changes in thinking and feeling that are required.

Cylex: Are people afraid of trying it?

Georgia Walby: Some people have concerns about hypnotherapy before they try it – often because they don’t know what to expect or because they think they might lose control. No one actually loses control during hypnosis and once people understand that then they are usually happy to proceed.

Most people are amazed by how relaxed they feel and surprised that they remain fully aware throughout. It’s a really enjoyable experience and the feeling of relaxation stays after the session – people report sleeping better than usual or feeling like they have just been on a fortnight’s holiday.

Cylex: Do you have more female or male clients?

Georgia Walby: About 80% female clients and I think male hypnotherapists get about the same percentage. Women are more inclined to seek help than men.

Cylex: Does NLP hypnotherapy have side effects?

Georgia Walby: Typical side effects are increased happiness, a better understanding of yourself and a tendency to smile more or as one client said at the end of a session last week:

“I can’t seem to stop smiling!”

Seriously though, when someone comes to a session, I help them to understand what is going on in their unconscious mind, so that they can make the changes they want to make. Learning to understand ourselves better, brings new options and more choice – it’s a good thing that can help us in all sorts of ways.

Cylex: What sort of problems do you help people with?

Georgia Walby: It’s really varied – basically any problem where you feel you have tried everything you can think of, but you haven’t solved it yet. then I can help you understand what is going on unconsciously. so that you can see new ways forward.

Most popular sessions are for:

Social Confidence

Self Confidence and Confidence for Public Speaking and Presenting

Weight loss, Binge eating, Fussy eaters


Stop Smoking

Fears and Phobias

Difficult Emotions.

Cylex: How can Hypnotherapy help achieve Weight Loss?

Georgia Walby: Weight Loss sessions address the thinking and feelings that trigger overeating and when these triggers are removed the person is then able to make changes to their eating patterns in order to lose weight. My sessions help the person to unravel the desire to overeat, we fix that and it becomes possible to stick to a diet.

Cylex: You offer hypnotherapy sessions via Skype. How is that possible? How do     they take place?

Georgia Walby: When I use hypnotherapy in a face to face session, the client may sit in a comfortable chair or may lie on a couch. They close their eyes and simply follow my instructions. It’s exactly the same by Skype. I will ask someone to make themselves comfortable in a chair or on a sofa and then they close their eyes and follow my instructions. It works perfectly and what’s nice is that the client doesn’t have to drive home afterwards so they can stay really relaxed.

Cylex: Can something bad happen during such a session? For example, if someone walks into the patient’s room while he is under hypnosis.

Georgia Walby: Hypnosis is just an extremely relaxed state. If you need to wake up, you can. The reason people tend not to wake up during hypnosis is because it feels so nice to be so very relaxed. You don’t want to wake up! For most of my clients I have to ask them two or three times before they wake themselves up and then the first thing they say is that they didn’t want to wake up! If I didn’t wake them up at the end of hypnotherapy, they would wake themselves up eventually – when they needed to move or got hungry or thirsty.

I have used hypnotherapy in really noisy environments, simply by instructing the person to only listen to my voice and to ignore all the other noise. Interruptions have never been a problem.

Cylex: How do you advertise your services?

Georgia Walby: People find me either from personal recommendation, via Facebook or through my websites: www.hypnotherapycardiff.net and www.nlpcardiff.com