Eurooms Ltd - Interview


Looking for a new home?


The market for renting out residential property has dramatically expanded in recent years with the very strong growth of buy-to-let and the increasing popularity of rental property as a long term investment.


Cylex 1. Who is Eurooms Ltd and what services do you offer?

Eurooms Ltd: Eurooms Ltd. is a lettings agency specialised to a long term shared housing, providing rooms to rent in London's first, second and third fare zones. Between the standard features of Eurooms belongs the weekly cleaning and maintenance services to keep the high standard of provided accommodation and the rent includes energies such as gas and water, but also council tax, and TV licence. Every house share has wireless internet access, which can be used by all accommodated clients free of charge. All the properties are fully furnished including the kitchen appliances and dishes. Each room is professionally cleaned and provided with a new bedding before the check-in of a new tenant.

Cylex 2. What is the room rate? What taxes and/or additional charges apply?

Eurooms Ltd: The price of rooms, or any other property in London, is always dependant on its location. At Eurooms, you can choose the room according to your price range. From the most economic option, as shared room in the third transport zone of London, to large double rooms within a walking distance to the centre. All the bills are included in the rent and in addition we provide internet, weekly cleaning and maintenance in all our properties free of charge. In order to rent a room with Eurooms, you will be required to pay the booking fee, two weeks rent in advance and refundable damage deposit that equals a two week rent.


Cylex 3. What type of rooms can be rented through Eurooms?

Eurooms Ltd: Whether you prefer the privacy of single and double rooms, cheap rent of room share, our high standards of studio flat, Eurooms Ltd. can always find your home in any zone of London.

Cylex 4. Is there a minimum rent period? How about a maximum?

Eurooms Ltd: Our standard contractual period is 10 weeks, but within this period you can move to another Eurooms home any time you like, as many times as you like, and whatever the reason is, The minimum period of stay is 2 weeks, but additional fees will be applied to shorter contract length.


Cylex 5. What sort of customers use your services? Are they mostly students?

Eurooms Ltd: Flatshare accommodation is very popular mainly between young people who are just moving to London. The most of Eurooms tenants belongs to the group of young professionals and students.

Cylex 6. How do you advertise the free rooms?

Eurooms Ltd: Because we are targeting customers in all the Europe and some overseas regions, we are focusing mainly to the online marketing. Besides the social media, we are using various online marketing campaigns to support our website. We are trying to keep the website up to date according the latest design and technical trends, so we are constantly developing new features to ease the solution for a housing situation of our visitors. All our available properties can be found on our website with an option of online booking and online payment.


Eurooms Ltd will guide you through each step of the letting process whether you are a tenant looking to rent a property or a landlord wishing to let your property. Their aim is to provide peace of mind throughout the letting process, to fulfil all requirements to successfully manage property, & also to make your move a positive experience. Check up the website for further details: