EQMS Limited - Interview


Beespoke solutions


EQMS provides beespoke solutions to fit the needs of every individual client. Each of their solution is developed after the review of need and requirements of the client. No job is considered too big or too small. EQMS supports their clients to increase performance, decrease costs, and improve customer satisfaction.


Cylex 1. How can you help a small business become more efficient and improve its work process?

EQMS Limited: With +10 years of Quality Management experience, and working with continues improvement in factories, and at suppliers around the globe, I am able to provide both training and consulting in implementing various quality tools and QMS to improve the overall efficiency of your business.

Cylex 2. Are your services available for any type of companies?

EQMS Limited: Yes any type of company can benefit from our services.

Cylex 3. Please tell us about the quality improvement tools that you use.

EQMS Limited: Some of the tools we provide training in, or help implement are 8D Problem solving, FMEA and various tools used within Six Sigma.


Cylex 4. What does your onsite training include? How long does it take and what is required from the employees who will be trained?

EQMS Limited: Our onsite training typically takes a day(6-8 hours), and covers a topic in details with both theory and exercises. The training is very interactive to improve people's understanding of the tool, and ease of use afterwards.

Cylex 5. Which type of training that you provide is the most popular and why?

EQMS Limited: The FMEA and 8D training are the most popular, as the 8D training is used to eliminate existing issues, and the FMEA is to prevent and reduce the amount and severity of issues going forward.

Cylex 6. What are the benefits of a supplier audit?

EQMS Limited: The supplier audit can be used as part of qualifying a new supplier, or to check their capability to consistently deliver a given part or service within spec.


Cylex 7. What is quality consulting and who do you recommend it for?

EQMS Limited: The quality consulting can cover a large area, it could for example be implementing an internal audit program or a full scale quality management system. I would in general recommend it for companies who are looking at implementing new quality tools or systems, but don't yet have the knowledge or experience internally.


Whether you’re looking for limited assistance to improve a specific manufacturing process, comprehensive help to design and develop a Quality Management System, or a full-scale improvement initiative, EQMS Limited  has the knowledge, and practical tools to help you succeed.