Ephy - Interview


What you cand buy from EPHY


EPHY is a e-commerce site from where you can buy many innovative products to the market and other  accessories. We had an interview with the company to find out a little more about what they do:

Cylex 1. What sort of brands do you sell via your website?

Ephy: We sell our own brand Ephy and various other high quality brands.

Cylex 2. What is the most sold gadget? Why do you think so?

Ephy: The most sold gadget on our site is the GPS tracker, this is most likely because people want to keep track of what is important to them whether it be their child, their pet or their vehicle, and the technology before this wasn’t readily available to do this.


Cylex 3. Does EPHY mean something in particular? If so, what is that?

Ephy: Ephy was is actually based on our CEO’s Grandmothers’ name pronounced ( EF-Fi), but the way it is spelt people always ask us if it is an acronym, but we like to tell the story so we don’t mind when they ask.

Cylex 4. How long will it take to get my order?

Ephy: It’ll take from  1 to 3 days  depending on the delivery option you choose.


Cylex 5. What sort of payment do you accept?

Ephy: Via the site we accept Paypal and we also accept Telephone orders if customers prefer paying on card.

Cylex 6. Is there a guarantee that comes with the product?

Ephy: All our products carry a guarantee of 1 year.