Cut Bills Belfast - Interview


Why not get a better price?


Business owners are always surprised when shown how much they are overcharged for simple services. Did you think about what and how much you give out with your bills? The utilities industry is not in general well known for its customer service. But there is someone there that can help!


Cylex 1. Please tell us a few words about the services you offer.

Better Price Group: We offer UK and EIRE Business cheaper deals on their business services such as Electricity, Telecoms, Chip and Pin and more.

Cylex 2. When and how can your advisors be contacted?

Better Price Group: Our advisors can be contacted via email or telephone from 09am to 20.00 Mon - Fri ( - 14.00 Sat).

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Cylex 3. What is the 'Introducer Programme' and how does it work? Who can use it?

Better Price Group: Our Introducer Programme is designed for people or businesses who can provide us with new leads on a regular basis. Anyone who we sign up to any of our services will generate a commission for the referrer. Anyone can participate.

Cylex 4. How long have you been in business and do you have developing plans?

Better Price Group: We have been in Business for over 25 years with various companies and have just lately set up Better Price Group to bring all of our services under the one roof. We intend to grow into one of the best B2B savings providers in the UK.

Cylex 5. In your opinion, what are  3 aspects that are important in business?

Better Price Group:  We believe that when it comes to business, this has to have a good customer support, a good solid workforce and team and must be trustworthy.

Cylex 6. Besides Facebook and Twitter, how else do you advertise your services?

Better Price Group: Our services are also advertised by word of mouth, referrals, flyers and business cards, business directories, local directories and of course our website.


Not losing sight of their customers changing requirements has driven ‘Better Price Group ‘ to be innovative and proactive in delivering solutions that meet their customer’s expectations. Telecommunication consultants are there to support and help!

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