Creatively Yours - Interview


Working for success

9 months ago

The Internet and smartphones help us to bring our ideas to life more easily and cheaply than ever before. But before you can get your big idea out in front of the masses, you need that idea to transform from a sketch in your notebook into a working website or mobile app.


Cylex: What software do you use to design, test and deploy webs

Creatively Yours: We use industry leading software packages ranging from Adobe Creative to design and create great visuals through to open source website tools such as Magento, Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. Our process has been honed through years of experience in both specifying and building websites to remove delays. We do this by breaking the design and development of any website into bite size chunks. Each chunk is there to answer a specific question or produce some content either images or writing. Once your website has been deployed this is where the next phase of work begins as we actively encourage our customers to develop an ongoing marketing strategy with the website at its heart and a plan to keep updating with great content relevant to your target audience.

Cylex: What kind of guarantee do you offer on a web design order?

Creatively Yours: Our company policy is ‘We do not have unhappy customers’ and by the end of the project we guarantee to put right any issues up to 60 days after the website has gone live. But even before this we have a robust process in place that at each stage shows and ask for approval of the layout, look and feel and finally training to update the website. We are so confident that we even allow our customers a secure login to see their website being built.


Cylex: What can be done to ensure that a site is optimized for the user?

Creatively Yours: Right from the start of the project we work with our clients to help them identify their target market and the sort of things that they would like to read and listen to (we believe in video as the new way to sell online).

Cylex: What will you need from the client to design the website?

Creatively Yours: Just an idea initially, we can work from sketches or even their favourite colour as long as we can tease out who they want to sell to we can do the rest.

Cylex: When it comes to digital marketing, what are the challenges encountered these days?

Creatively Yours: Being found amongst the millions of searches and then when you are found the best way to engage with your visitors, when it can take up to 7 interactions with your website for a visitor to take to action. This need for updated relevant and engaging content becomes our driver for helping our customers to develop their voice and use the websites content management system to keep learning what works and changing the site’s content.

Cylex: What inspires your team to write web content?

Creatively Yours: Our customers. Sounds silly, but unless we understand who they want to promote themselves to, then we cannot help them. So being inspired by them is the best way to write web content.

Cylex: How do you manage to keep creative?

Creatively Yours: Films, music, TV, countryside, meeting at exhibitions, reading blog’s on the net practically anything can lead to an idea or something to photograph and store for later.

Could you give us some examples of some of the projects you’re most proud of?

Mr Creatons Food – taking 2 separate websites for 2 different locations and giving them a consistent look and feel and then combining them into a single WP Website for ease of updating by the customer.

NYO2 – Bringing a customer’s vision back to life after a previous agency failed to deliver.

Cutting Systems UK – Updating a website for an Industrial machinery manufacturer to give ease of use, a clean more salesy look without alienating the traditional market they sell into.



Usability and the utility, not the visual design, determine the success or failure of a website. Since the visitor of the page is the only person who clicks the mouse and therefore decides everything, user-centric design has become a standard approach for successful and profit-oriented web design.