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Christophe Chevaugeon  has lived in Paris for 25 years but he now lives in the UK and he loves to take pictures. Well, he’s a photographer. But as every photographer has his particularities, we had an interview with him to find out more about what he does, what he likes. Here it is!


Cylex 1. How did you get into weddings photos and not only?

Christophe Chevaugeon: I’d been a Fine Art street, portrait and landscape photographer for years, with also an eye for architectural and fashion photography: the perfect combination of interests and of people and camera skills to be a wedding photographer. Inevitably someone was bound to ask me, and then another.....

Cylex 2. What characterizes your style?

Christophe Chevaugeon: My style is inclusive and dynamic and elegant: I love a journalistic approach but also creating contemporary or classic photographs. Isolating with a long lens is easy, catching people interacting is much harder.  My palette is traditional colour and high quality subtle tonal black and white work. Before you look at anything like membership to professional associations and awards, look intently at the photographer’s portfolio. Forget the branding and the sales pitch, look at the work and ask yourself, does this person “shoot by numbers” or is s/he a photographer?


Cylex 3. How far in advance should you be booked?

Christophe Chevaugeon: If you like what I do, just call, even if you’re wedding’s just a few months or even weeks away; it’s happened and I was free !).  If I’m available ...I’ll be delighted to be your photographer !

Cylex 4. Do you offer special packages?

Christophe Chevaugeon: My price structure is transparent: my fundamental package is full generous coverage of your wedding, engagement shoot, files to print and share. If you want less it’s possible. Albums are charged separately. I’ve been told  that I produce exclusive work at inclusive prices.


Cylex 5. What is the turnaround for pictures?

Christophe Chevaugeon: It takes approximately two weeks, possibly more at the height of the spring and summer wedding season.

Cylex 6. What type of camera/equipment do you use?

Christophe Chevaugeon: A combination of Nikon Pro  “full frame” and electronic rangefinder Fuji Pro camera bodies paired with top notch lenses. And for those situations where extra light is needed, I bring anything from Nikon flashes to Elinchrom professional studio flashes. Cameras aren’t everything; during the wedding, they’re only as good as the photographer’s eye and his legs and back and people skills too. After the wedding, post production skills count just as much. Lots of people have excellent cameras nowadays but don’t know how to use them: that’s why you hire a pro.

Cylex 7. Do you have an assistant photographer with you at the events?

Christophe Chevaugeon: I have no assistant, only occasionally a helping professionally insured hand with camera skills for when I really can’t be in two places at once.


Cylex 8. What do you like about what you do?

Christophe Chevaugeon: There’s nothing quite like being a wedding photographer for couples that believe in your style: it’s fun yet requires great sensitivity, it’s full of emotion, and fast paced, it’s people and places coming together for one of life’s and society’s most significant events : what more could a photographer want !



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