Cheshire Hedge Cutting - Interview


Cheshire Hedge Cutting when you are in need of a professional hedge cut


What is the maximum height of a hedge that you can cut?

The maximum height of a hedge that we can cut is about 6 metres high.

What type of hedges do you cut?

All types of hedges providing that there is tractor access. From small paddocks to large acreage fields. Annual cuts or 2/3 year growth. Small to Large gardens and driveway hedges.

How often do you advise to have the hedge cut/ pruned?

To get the best results at least once per year.

Would you offer a quotation before a job is done? Does it involve any charge?

Always offer a free quotation.

Can you give the client advice on how to trim brand-new hedges?

Brand new hedges are best left alone to fully develop before cutting back.

What's the best time of the year to trim the hedge?

After August is ideal because the hedge has generally finished growing for the year. Hedges can be cut in June and July but are likely to grow again before the autumn.

What are a few basic hedge trimming tips?

Always have your hedge cut every year to keep it well maintained and tidy