Charles Cleaning Solutions - Interview


A clean home is a happy home with Charles Cleaning Solutions

one month ago

What sets you apart from other cleaning companies?

We are a family-run, award-winning company. Our customers liaise directly with the owners of the business to better meet their requirements.

Will you perform additional cleaning task above and beyond the normal tasks? If yes, in what situation?

Yes, we believe that all our customers should receive the exceptional service they deserve. That said if we see an opportunity to enhance the customer experience we will endeavour to do so.

Do you keep records & info about past visits?

Yes, customer satisfaction is important to us so we collect feedback from our customers after every job.

What areas do you cover? Do you work nights/ Sundays/ holidays etc?

We cover the West Yorkshire region and we are open 7 days per week. We are closed on public holidays.

What is an example of some of the detail work that as a professional commercial cleaning service you provide?

We provide a wide range of commercial cleaning services, our popular services are end-of-tenancy cleans and office cleans. End-of-tenancy cleaning often involves a deep clean of the property, in which we will perform a full carpet cleaning service (if required) followed by a thorough clean of the property.  

As a commercial cleaning service do you have different cleaning packages for clients to choose from? What are the commercial cleaning rates?

Yes, our packages are advertised on our website. Our rates vary based on the customer requirements.

What sorts of special cleaning tasks would a contract cleaning company offer to a restaurant owner who wants to maintain good air quality inside the business?

We work with our clients to understand their requirements, however, in a unique situation like this, we would aim to uncover the root of the issue and identify key cleaning areas that would improve the air quality.

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