Carefree Beauty Permanent Makeup - Interview


Having a permanent make-up just as a natural look


Have you ever thought about having a permanent make-up?  Or probably wondered how would that work. Karen has been in this business for a while now. We had the opportunity to ask her a few things about permanent make-up.

Cylex 1. How did you start this business?

Carefree Beauty Permanent Makeup: I was actually looking into having permanent makeup eyebrows done myself and realised it was something I would like to do as a business.  I'd had a lot of previous experience in the beauty industry and was confident I could offer a good service at an affordable price. There are very few permanent makeup artists where I live in Chichester, so there was a gap in the market I could fill.


Cylex 2. Do many ladies choose to go for this procedure? What is the average age?

Carefree Beauty Permanent Makeup: Many ladies (and men) opt to have permanent make-up done and age is certainly no barrier!  My youngest client is in her early twenties and my oldest in her eighties, with the average age being about 40s/50s.

Cylex 3. Will the permanent makeup look artificially tattooed?

Carefree Beauty Permanent Makeup: Actually, permanent makeup can look really natural and saves SO much time applying your makeup each day.  I'm usually very conservative with my shapes and colours - and prefer to add more at the 4-6 week touch-up, if necessary.

First, I offer free, no-obligation consultations where I can explain the whole procedure in detail.  From here, I can gauge the personal styling and desires of the client.  On the treatment day, I spend quite a lot of time drawing on brows, lip outline etc. to make sure the client is completely happy with the suggested shapes.

For permanent eyebrows, which is the most popular treatment, quite often I'll play around with different brow shapes so the client can see some alternatives. My aim is not to achieve perfectly symmetrical brows as these can often look odd and artificial.  I prefer to go for an understated, natural look that I can add to later if the client desires.  I want people to look at my clients' brows and think they look really natural.

The same applies to eyeliner and lip procedures - it's better to aim for an understated look that enhances your natural features.  You can always wear traditional makeup over the top for the occasional more dramatic look.


Cylex 4. How is the specific desired look and shades of coloring determined?

Carefree Beauty Permanent Makeup: I custom blend the pigments to complement the client's skin and hair tones and show the client what the finished colour is approximately going to be.  Only then will I tattoo the colours in permanently.

The client is in control every step of the way!

                                                   P1010631 B.JPG

Cylex 5. Can someone have a Botox surgery after the  permanent enhancement of eyebrows?

Carefree Beauty Permanent Makeu: Yes, it's perfectly possible to have Botox and Permanent Make-up.  However, you should allow the Botox effect on your eyebrows to wear off before tattooing.  This way, your Permanent Makeup artist will know the exact position of your natural eyebrows and, afterwards, your Botox injector can then alter your brow position and/or lift your brow accordingly.

Cylex  6. How often is touch-up needed?

Carefree Beauty Permanent Makeu: Everybody is different but you should factor in a colour refresher about once a year to keep your permanent makeup looking really tip-top.  I only charge 50% of the normal procedure prices for colour refreshers, provided you have them done within 18mths of your original procedure.  This ensures you can maintain your permanent makeup without breaking the bank :)


Cylex 7. Could you give us some tips for after procedure care?

Carefree Beauty Permanent Makeup: I provide an Aftercare Pack for each client which includes full aftercare instructions, a healing schedule so you know what to expect in the weeks following your treatment, and some specially-formulated Vitamin A & D ointment to be applied 3 times a day for 5-7 days.  I always send a follow-up email about 5 days afterwards, just to make sure the permanent makeup is healing as it should.  It's best to avoid sunbathing and swimming during the first week after your procedure and, ideally, wear sunblock on the treated area to help preserve the colours better. We sure know and understand a lot more about permanent make-up! Now, if you’re one of those ladies that wants to walk carefree every day, you know who you can contact: Carefree Beauty Permanent Makeup!