Bingley Roofing - Interview


The roofing system

10 days ago

Properly installed roofs keep water from leaking into buildings and damaging the interior, equipment, or furnishings. There are two basic types of roofs: low-slope and steep-slope. Solar and vegetative features are sometimes incorporated into both low- and steep-slope roofs. Roofers may specialize in the installation and replacement of one or more of these roof systems offer.


Cylex: We read about you as a family business for 30 years now. How did it all begin?

Bingley Roofing: Our business was founded by my husband's father in 1968.  He was a sole trader general handyman, that specialised in roofing.  From these small beginnings he steadily expanded the business.  The younger generation of the family now run the business on a 2 acre site and now employing over 20 members of staff.  

Cylex: How can a home owner recognize when a roof system has problems?

Bingley Roofing: A roof owner can identify roof problems in a number of ways.  Unfortunately it tends to be when water or damp is coming into the property.  This can be prevented by the homeowner visually checking the roof, looking for slipped slates or tiles, missing mortar from areas of the roof, becoming familiar with their roof and when things 'look at of place' to contact an expert.  Many organisations, including ourselves, provide free roofing surveys.  We tend to advise these are carried out once a year.  This helps to prevent problems in the future and ensures that the roof remains in a good condition.

Cylex: What are the options if somebody decides to reroof?

Bingley Roofing: If a homeowner decides to re-roof their roof, there are a few options available.  We can carry out roofing works that re-using the existing ridge, hips and slates/tiles, that are in good condition, whilst replacing the felt, laths with new.  There is also the option of providing a completely new roof covering using new tiles or slates, it really does depend on the condition of the existing roof and the clients requirements.  At this time the roof can be modernised to accommodate insulation, ventilation, eaves trays, new lead work, etc.  A contractor would advise the best course of action.

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Cylex: What type of roofing materials do you use and where do you source them from?

Bingley Roofing: We use a wide variety of roofing materials from reclaimed roofing slates to upvc guttering.  We use local suppliers where possible as we feel it is important to support our local business community, whilst obtaining the best price for the customer.

Cylex: Name one thing which makes Bingley Roofing Contractors Ltd better than any other roofing company.

Bingley Roofing: We feel that Bingley Roofing Contractors Ltd provide the best customer service.  Our business tries to differentiate itself from others by providing an excellent service in a variety of ways.  We have staff that are trained to work with customers to ensure they receive the best roofing specialist for their job.  We provide a comprehensive quotation with photographs and discuss concerns on site with customers when carrying out a site visit.  We use an electronic diary system to enable the client to plan their day around our visits and our quotations are priced ensuring the best price for the customer, with minimal disruption.  We always ask our customers for feedback and are always evolving our systems to facilitate changes to consistently make improvements.  All our work is guaranteed and we are approved members of Which?, Topseal, National Federation of Roofing Contractors and Trusted Traders.

Cylex: Are there other services that you provide besides roofing?

Bingley Roofing: We can install fascias, soffits and guttering in cast iron, upvc and timber.  Others services include sheeting and cladding, GRP flat roof replacement, insulation in addition to all other aspects of roofing for domestic, commercial and industrial properties.  


One thing to remember is that roofing is a niche trade:  it is highly technical which belies the roughness of its appearance.  For instance, a good roofer has to be a good sleuth when looking for potential leaks and has to have the precision of a fine craftsman when completing his job because, at the end of the day, a roof is the only barrier between what the sky can produce in inclement weather above and your valuables down below.