Berkeley Square Medical - Interview


Where to go for a cosmetic surgery?


When it comes to cosmetic surgery, you need to be sure all the information you receive is open and honest. Berkeley Square Medical  provides for you patient brochures, case studies and photos from the start, to help manage expectations and help decide on the best for you.


Cylex 1. How did Berkeley Square Medical start up?

Berkeley Square Medical: Berkeley Square Medical  was founded in 2012 by its Managing Director, Mr Sanjay Rai, who launched the company with a syndicate of London's most recognised Plastic Surgeons. The clinic has based its name and services in London, Paris and Dubai and achieving the privileges to practice in world renowned hospital in these three cities.

Cylex 2. What services do you offer?

Berkeley Square Medical: We provide services specialising in all cosmetic surgery for Facial, Body and Breast procedures inclusive of non surgical treatments in anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.


Cylex 3. What is the difference between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery?

Berkeley Square Medical: Cosmetic Surgery naturally focuses on pure aesthetic looks where patients may be unhappy with certain features of their body or face and wish to seek a permanent solution. Reconstructive Surgery focuses on patients who require surgery after trauma or accidents that have led to deformity. This includes patients  for e.g. with scarring or a broken nose. It also includes patients who wish to consider breast implants, but for the purpose of post breast cancer treatment. Though both Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery are both in some way of cosmetic nature, the reconstructive aspect often focuses on patients who are trying to achieve a return to their pre trauma or accident appearance as opposed to a change from the original.

Cylex 4. Where will the procedure be performed?

Berkeley Square Medical: All procedures are carried out at some of London's most recognised hospitals, which are all state of the art facilities and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).  This means that your procedure is carried out in accredited surgical theatres that are stringently regulated and inspected to ensure they meet the requirements needed to provide the utmost safety when carrying out your procedure.


Cylex 5. How long will the benefits last?

Berkeley Square Medical: A long as patients follow their post operative instructions and adhere to a health diet then surgeries for face and body areas will last a life time. However any procedure that require the insertion of an implant, such as Breast Augmentation, should be aware that these must be changes every 10 years.

Cylex 6. Are there many men that have cosmetic surgery?

Berkeley Square Medical: Enquiries from Men for Cosmetic procedures is one of the fastest growing phenomenon in the industry of Cosmetic Surgery. Since 2007, men’s enquiries have been booming. Men want to look good, its as simple as that. The most popular treatments for men are Rhinoplasty (Nose Correction) and Vaser Liposuction.

Cylex 7. What are the possible risks?

Berkeley Square Medical: As with all surgeries, whether cosmetic or medical - there are risks. The most experienced surgeons will always discuss with you the risks that relate specifically to you before deciding to go ahead with any procedure. Most patients we see have a very pragmatic approach to their individual changes and most often stay within the boundaries of a normal, safe and successful procedure.


Cylex 8.Is surgery performed under general or local anesthesia?

Berkeley Square Medical: This depends. Most cosmetic procedure are carried out under General Anaesthesia, so patients are asleep during the procedure and simply wake up to the results. Local anaesthesia is used for less invasive procedures like a single area of Liposuction, or a mini lift to sagging eye bags and eyelids.


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