Wilton Birds & Exotic Pet Centre, Bowers Gifford

95-97, Pound Lane
SS13 2HN Bowers Gifford
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We are one of the very best livestock specialists in the u k.


Vincent Q
1 Stars

Mysterious death

10 April 2014

Wish I'd found this review site prior to my purchase. Bought a pair of Bourkes on Saturday only to have one mysteriously die on Wednesday. When I phoned the man said how unusual - according to other reviews apparently this is not the case!
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1 Stars

Not recommended

12 January 2014

Advice to anyone buying birds from Wilton pets DO NOT BUY ANY BIRDS FROM THIS PLACE, RSPCA need to investigate into the conditions of the birds and health of these birds also the breeders need investigating I have brought four birds from this place and everyone I have had has landed up passing away suddenly for no reason and the others because of ill health/disease one was due to inbreeding confirmed by a vet, Doesn't matter if you check the bird for poor health etc as we found out. I have brought birds from other places and I have not had one problem they have been healthy, happy birds and still remain healthy, But the birds we brought from here I have lost due to disease's and passed suddenly within less then 6 months. As a bird love we pride over the love and care of our animals when they come here they become our children. We did not return our birds to Wilton pets for refund as we feel its unfair and distressing for the bird and for us, so they remained with us where we could properly care for them, we tried to give them the best happy health life we could until there time had come. One bird yes but still shouldn't happen but 3 more from the same place NO! Something very wrong. I would not recommend this place to anyone
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by on 10 April 2014

Wish I'd seen your review before my purchase. Same thing for me. Bought a pair of apparently healthy Bourkes Saturday one mysteriously dead by Wednesday. Lucky I quarantined them.

1 Stars

love bird

25 January 2013

i brought a love bird from wiltons on tuesday and by today (friday) it has died im not very happy and neither are my children i cant believe it has died after three days.
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2 Stars


28 December 2012

I have been there a few times, and they have been very helpful EXCEPT once when i bought a cat, my cat poo'd in the box whilst i was paying, i asked for a clean box and they laughed at the poo like kids and said it will be fine, so by the time i got my cat home their was poo all over his paws. I have bought a cat and 2 budgies from their mainly because we felt sorry for them, too many budgies in 1 cage so they looked a bit battered and there was 3 cats in 1 small hot glass tank but also the litter tray was in there too, the poors kittens had no room to move unless they walked through their own litter. My conclusion - Staff can be ok, alot cheaper than most places, but seriously need restructure the place for the animals to live better.

joe s
5 Stars


26 December 2012

i think the bird lady is sexy but very mouthy
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1 Stars


14 November 2012

after buying a yellow canary on 21st oct from this shop it died within 2wks of purchase, now 2wks later my glouster was found dead 30mins ago. this shop is keeping deseased stock, and now it's passed on to my other bird which was privately bought. this shop needs to be closed down for good!!!!!
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by on 18 July 2013

i too bought 2 coloured canaries sat 12/7/13 and by mon onw was dead and today day 4 the other one died

1 Stars

Bad petshop

01 November 2012

Well in one tank they have 9 boa constrictors, The leopard geckos are in a horrible condition, The birds feathers were ruffled, Some had bald patches and has scratches all over them, And kittens in small closed off hot tanks, And that was just today, Before when i have been there there was a dead leopard gecko in a tank and all the animals had mites and the customer servies at the plac is horrible, Like one time i heard a lady saying to these people just to feed their toirtes a ready mixed bag of veggies from Tesco! That is a COMPLETE no go! This place needs to be shut down, As well as all animals being in horrid conditions as you can tell they give out completely the wrong advice! I'd party seeing this place being shut down it is horrid!
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1 Stars


01 November 2012

i bought a yellow fem cannary 10 days ago and it just died. i've tried to contact the shop but cant get through. this is the second bird i've purchased and it's died for no reason. I WANT MY £20 BACK
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by on 14 November 2012

a bit of advise for all bird fanciers.DO NOT BUY BIRDS FROM THIS SHOP!!!!!! they are all sick. within 2 wks of our yellow cannary being bought from that shop, it and now my glouster (bought privately) was found this am DEAD. i feel sick to my stomach and fully belive tha this shop MUST BE CLOSED and the owners brought to book!!!!

Zebra Finch
1 Stars

Bird Lady

08 August 2012

The lady that catches the birds out the back "Avery Area" need to be placed on a customer care "skills course",she treats customers with NO respect at all. I will not shop there ever again.
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5 Stars

Lovely & Friendly

03 April 2012

I do not understand what people are complaining about, I've been a customer there for many years and very rarely had a bad experience with Wiltons. Maybe some customers had a one off and seem to think service will be bad every time they visit. But me personally I think the staff are friendly, approachable and very helpful when asked. They usually have what I want but if they don't they have given me their phone number to check if it is in stock before I go there. I do not see how anyone can complain about them. A very customer friendly company.
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by on 19 May 2012

ive bought a few birds from there as i started up breeding budgies and the service and advice is excellent

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