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Whether you are moving house or business, locally or to the other side of the World, Pearson provides you with a stress free, high quality and value for money removal. Pearson will take the stress out of moving, leaving you free to enjoy the experience. With specialist knowledge of local, national or overseas removals, you are in safe hands with Pearson Home Moving.

Company description
UTS Pearson, International Removal Company, Daily to Europe, Worldwide Sea & Air Freight, Executive Relocation Package, Containerised Storage Facilities, Document Storage, Office Relocation, BSI Registered


1 Stars


27 September 2014

I moved from Germany to Australia. I used Pearson based on great customer service over the phone and via email. However as soon as deposit was paid, things changed. Movers turned up and complained that the size of move was bigger than they were told and that they were never informed of no lift. I had however advised customer service more than once, and in writing there was no lift. They also were in a hurry to get to next job and did not wrap all of my goods ( a service I paid for ). Weeks later I was contacted, they told me they had under quoted me and nothing could move off the wharf till I paid the balance which was a couple of thousand. After paying, the shipment then took 4 weeks longer then they advised me to arrive in Australia. On unpacking there were several items that were broken or damaged. I had evidence and the movers at Australia end ( who were a different company ) who were with us unpacking said they could act as witnesses. I made an insurance claim with Pearson and for months they never replied to my many emails to the customer service people and management and when they finally did I was told the person dealing with it is on leave. I finally contacted The Office of Fair Trading in the UK and only then did they pay my claim. AVOID.
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5 Stars


, 26 September 2014

Hey Stuart, i just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for making my move run so smoothly. Special thanks should really go to the guys who picked up and dropped off the goods. They were helpful, kind, and very courteous and professional when i met them and if Pearsons have any special bonus scheme, their names should go in the hat! Thanks for your continuing reassurance, answers to ridiculous questions and ongoing help with everything. I have no plans to move back to England (or anywhere for that matter!), but if i ever should, I would have no hesitation in picking up the phone to you to organise it for me.
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Tricia move to Spain
1 Stars

Bad experience never again

31 January 2014

We booked to move 2 bed apt/ furniture to Costa Blanca from Cheshire with Pearson removal on the 12/11/2013. On the day, the driver was a few hours late to arrive, I had to chase up. M...... J.... from Kent finally arrived as Pearsons had contracted the job to them. We had a lot of glass & delicate furniture, for that reason we chose to pack ourselves, being overcautious, all fragile packages were minimum 3 fold wrapped with dbl walled cartons, packing and securly taped. All delicate items were clearly label Glass/Fragile/this way up only all boxes clearly 2 x address labels & 2 x numbers to match the lists. We watches them force all the contents into their vehicle, as they said they were not allowed to waste any space and assured me that everything would be fine. We received our goods in Spain late November, only to find that several of the items were broken, and in one instance the Music centre, was hanging off, the packaging was badly damaged. As we unwrapped the remaining contents, we had a large glass coffee table broken, 1 mirror, 2 machines badly dinted, cut in fabric chair, glass paper rack cracked,broken ext. The delivery people took a photo of the 1st item, and emailed to their office. I called Pearsons and their response was so negative, said they hold no responsibility unless I saw their people deliberately damage the goods. My reply to this was, that to see that I would have had to travel and stay with my goods the entire trip from 12th to end November. We also had 1 missing box with all my wedding album and family photos + records/statements in, the delivery people confirmed that it had been ticked by them as having received it at their depot in Kent, but no tick to show it having left the depot. To date I have to keep calling Pearsons and now M...... J.... to chase the box, all I get is, no not turned up yet. These people were only a little cheaper than some other companies, but I would warn anyone using them, that they really do not care once they have had your money.
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1 Stars

Avoid at all cost

, 07 January 2014

My move was from Norway to the UK during the summer 2013. Pearson is Very keen on sales and was always very nice over the phone before signing any contract but once the contract was signed it was always difficult to get in touch with them and impossible to get confirmation by Email of anything that would have been agreed. 5 Days before the agreed day of collecting my items (June 26th) I received an Email at 5pm on a Friday simply informing me that the move will be postponed by a week. They did not even bother to phone me. Of course after 5pm it was impossible to get in touch with them so I had to wait Monday to talk to my so called moving “coordinator”. They did find a way out of this by subcontracting the collecting of my belongings but the subcontractor was also late and the packing and collection was completed 2 days late and 4 hours before my flight out of the Country. Then comes the delivery which went as well as the rest. I get confirmation that my belongings will be delivered on August 13th and the day before I decide to phone once again Pearson to know what time the truck will be coming. The person on the other end simply tells me that my moving ”coordinator” is on holiday and that my belongings are planned to be delivered in mid-September and not tomorrow. One again very good example of the level of communication to expect from Pearson. I had to find a place to stay for an extra month at the last minute and at my own expenses. Finally my belongings are delivered mid-September, 81 days after they had been collected. Avoid at all cost to get your removal arranged through Pearson. They are useless at communicating anything, difficult to get in touch with and don’t stick to what was promised.
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Aden Morris
5 Stars

My experience moving with Pearson home moving

31 October 2011

The reason why I choose Pearson home moving because they responded quickly to our initial enquiries. Their quote wasn't the cheapest but you get a lot for your money. They are very professional on the phone and was able to answer all my questions. Pearson home moving have been established since 1917 and the quality of service shows that they have been in the removal industry for that long. When they collected my goods... They brought there own packing material and pack all my good to what I can says is a professional standard. The guys were very pleasant and worked very hard to get the job done and loaded into the lorry. I didn't have to worry about the paperwork because my move manger discussed with me the whole process and told me what I need to fill out. ( Believe me when I say if I didn't have the assistance from my move manager I would have been stressing and probably have done it wrong) After a couple of weeks my good arrived in the Devon (UK). I Love the English countryside. I find it so relaxing and the views are breath taking. But as we all know that the country roads can be a little tight, especially when you are trying to get a lorry down them. So I must say a big thank you to the Pearson lorry driver who maneuvered the large lorry around the country roads and parked it outside my house. The removal men did a fantastic job with unloading my goods. Nothing got dropped or damaged!!! BIG SMILE. Also I am very happy that they delivered my goods on the date that they specified. This was genuine worry of mine because of the horror stories I have read on varies review sites. But Pearson Home Moving was spot on and done what they said they would do. Customer service: 10/10 Value for Money 9/10 Able to contact my move manager: 10/10 Condition of my goods on arrival: 10/10 Would I recommend Pearson Home Moving. Yes If you are looking to move I would seriously giving these guys a call. You can get their number from www.pearsonhomemoving.com.
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5 Stars

My move to Switzerland with Pearsons home moving

, 18 October 2011

Morning, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the time and expertise you and Pearsons have given me. I will see what I can do - using the amazing web.....after all: I found you! I know there is still much paperwork for you to wrap up, change and check my inventory and finalize the shipment. Thank you
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Brian Bruce
5 Stars

My removal with Pearsons home moving, a not so short review

, 17 October 2011

Dear All, I wanted to let u know that as of yesterday Monday the 14th, the movers came here in Denmark and delivered everything to my place. There was 1 part of my big sofa we couldnt get up so I rented a lift today to get it up, so finally everything is here. I of course being very busy with getting a lift, still haven´t unpacked everything yet, but im fairly sure that nothing has broken. I will unpack my big glass table tomorrow. I wanted to say many many thank for all your help with this removal, I must admit I had many nights worrying if all would be ok, but the 2 movers put it all to shame. They were so amazing with export wrapping the items we talked about and also bringing everything here in 1 piece. You guys can be really proud of them. Also a big thanks to you and all I was in contact with. This is probably my last email for now unless something turns out to have been broken, but so far all looks amazing. If I ever need a big move again, your company is the first Im calling thats for sure. Feel free to contact me if you have got any questions, because I really understand how stressful moving is.I asked loads of companies questions just to make sure I was aware of everything that would happen. I will also be posting this review onto other sites, thank you Pearson! Thank again and kind regards, Brian
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