Two By Two Pet Superstore, Brierley Hill

Unit L17, The Merry Hill Centre
DY5 1SH Brierley Hill
West Midlands
01384 481300
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5 Stars

07 April 2015

Fantastic service and knowledge on the aquatics dept, I had numerous Problems with water quality and other things with my tank, but after seeking out some advice, from a guy called Chris, my tank has never looked Better! Absolutely brilliant customer service and a wealth of knowledge from this chap. Only going to shop there from now on :) Don't know what the disgruntled idiot below is on about with the oscar.

1 Stars

27 March 2015

This shop is a joke. I bought some tropical fish to add to my collection which after a few days got little white lumps all over them and died. They have no idea what they are on about when it comes to animals. O have also had two hamsters from there and both of them died after about 4 - 5 weeks. When I mentioned it they said sometimes they can be over bread and that is why they might of died. I would not shop in this shop ever again. Stay away is my advise

4 Stars

13 February 2015

Really nice customer service and very grateful with all the info gave to me about bird I wanted. Walked around the shop with me and helped to pick put the best cages for the type of bird I'm having and priced everything up for me ready to buy. Also allowed me to go up close to the birds and gave great advice on how to help the bird settle in and bond with it. Gave me an info leaflet on the breed of bird will definitely be going there to get the cages, accessories, food and bird.

1 Stars

06 December 2014

Absolutely awful customer care, and extremely little knowledge of tropical fish. I bought an Oscar that I was told would be fine with the one fish I had (plec, that I had for 12 months) however the Oscar mauled the plec in a short space of time. After trying about 20 times to phone 2 by 2 and getting no answer (excellent customer service) I finally got through to speak to the alleged knowledgeable salesman Chris. After explaining what had happened, he did absolutely nothing to help, and not dealing with the problem. He didn't call back and wasn't around to speak to. I was passed to someone on the front till after another call explaining that the Oscar was decimating the plec, telling her I needed to bring the fish back there and then, her response was "can you bring it back tomorrow?" The shop is a sham, the customer care is horrendous, with the exception of two other members of staff that work in the aquatics dept, the tall gentleman, and a shorter gentleman who were very helpful (I'm 5'10 it's comparable to that) Avoid that place like the plague!

1 Stars


, 08 September 2014

Went to the store was told couldnt buy a fish with jus a bowl yet that were sellin bowls instore , brought 3 fish and a tank woth filter came to £50 when got home the info he gave me was wrong about how put fish in water and the one fish only had one eye when called store was told if didnt want it take back and gt refunded half my money back i now have a distraught 4 year old and when asked wha would happen to fish they sed would be sold on
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Joanne Jefferd
5 Stars


01 October 2013

Well the day i went they must of all been i good moods as they where all polite to me an let me pick the two rats i wanted to buy from them.Yes my two little rats have a sneeze and this could be from the shop but it could also be them getting used to the house,a new cage and new temperatures. I am very happy this time as previous visits i was not happy with how they kept there bearded dragons.But i am totally happy this time
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1 Stars

Poor animal care and customer service

23 August 2013

When defending two by two in messages put on to facebook, and giving them the benefit of the doubt, I decided to go an take a look to see if the store was as bad as people made out. A large majority of the fish were healthy, although I did spot a few with problems. Some orandas with white spot, a balloon molly with very bad mouth fungus and a few dead ones which is to be expected. But after notifying a memeber of staff with these issues, he simply said 'I will tell the aquatic staff tomorrow'. This isn't good enough. The illnesses I saw were easily treatable and easy to spot, there is no reason for it to go unnoticed, let alone untreated. They then went against the animal welfare act by knowing an animal was sick and not treating it. Allowing it to suffer. I also found in some tanks, all the fish were under weight, there were plecs in tanks way too small for them. And although its not a requirement, it concerned me that no questions about the customers tanks were asked. I saw some people buying a common plecostomus. No questions were asked about tank size or what was in the tank, and the member of staff did not inform the customers about the plecs adult size. When they can grow up to 18" + you would think it would be sensible to make the customer aware of this so they're not stuck with a very large fish they cannot rehome. Its just not good enough! Definitely changed my opinions, next time I won't give them the benefit of the doubt!! Don't even get me started on their small animal and bird section! Not great at all, but I have seen worse.
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1 Stars


02 July 2013

i brought a rabbit a week ago from there. i was told nothing about caring for him or a free vet health check that needed to be done within 48 hours. my poor bunny is showing symptoms of flees, which has to be from there as he is the only animal i have and he is a house rabbit! i spoke to some animal manager who was so unhelpful and rude saying it wouldnt be from there! they need to handle the animals more as you cant get near my bunny to pick him up, hes petrified! wont be going there again!!
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1 Stars

Coldwater Fish

29 April 2013

Totally Clueless staff ! Brought a 30 litre Biorb was told i could have 9 fish in it within 2 weeks they had all died , after speaking to another place was informed only 2 would be ok for this tank. Also when visted store dead fish turtle etc are just left in tanks so should have known when i seen that . Would not recommend this place at all go elsewhere. Look at the staff they employ it clearly shows they no nothing apart from standing around chatting about there Saturday nights out
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1 Stars


, 04 April 2013

I bought a bird 5 days ago and it died today.
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