Sitel Corporation, Kingston Upon Thames

Mitre House, Canbury Park Road
KT2 6LZ Kingston Upon Thames - Hampton Wick
+44 (0) 20 8784 1000 Call
+44 (0) 1795 438953
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1 Stars

bad experience

04 February 2013

I worked one year there and the best time i had was when i left. Very mean society who does not treat correctly the staff and no communication at all. During my year there i saw so many people leaving one after the other as they could not take it anymore. Stress, pressure, no communication, no reward, nothing....Probably the worst place i worked in and i have been working in so different areas.
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4 Stars

Dont Believe the bad reviews!!!

26 August 2011

I have worked here for just over a year now. I absoloutley love it. I have made so many new friends, the job is Ok and I can say I have never enjoyed a working environment so much. If you come here and work when you are supposed to, don't turn up late and have alittle respect for the managers then everything is fine. It is a bit frantic and things are busy but seriously come here to work it will be the best decision you have ever made :)
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1 Stars

the truth

, 21 August 2011

I worked there for 2 years and from starting off with so much inthusiasm, I quickly lost motivation as I could see it wasn't who worked the hardest or showed best performances that got ahead, it was the one who had the managers under their thumbs, two people started as the same time as me, and were promoted whithin 5 months of being there, but in those 5 months you could see their claws being dug into a manager, this place is the worst I have ever worked at, the job is tedious, which makes allot of people braindead, which thus, makes them behave like children and do and say immature things, to make work a better place, now I have moved on, I have found the a REAL work place, which is professional and does support you, which excites you when going into work, as the clalibre of staff is high. Sitel was my worst decision, ever in my career, but a lesson, non the less, it showed me what I could be doing, and how I could feel, if I do a job for the sake of just having a job, and not following my dreams, the enviroment at sitel is so b****, that a girl that had worked there for 10 years, was thrown out the door like she had worked there for 10 days, because of a disagreement with a manager, (the manager who would be easy manipulated by others) and the manager who had allot of influence(JS). do not work here, unless you really need the work, I worked on the longest running company there, do not go there with dreams of looking to staying, unless you are willing to kiss and lose your pride in sucking up. I knew a guy there that was late half an hour, every day for a period of 4 months, sometimes was even late 2 hours, while on probation, but still got made permanent,(JS) as in sitel, it is who you know, not what you do!!!!!!! and if sitel does not believe what has been written on this review, then you are free to email me. The place where I worked had all female managers, average to say the least, who are divorced or single, for many reasons, but desperate to find a man, so you see insane amounts of flirting and favourertism, I even heard one of the managers say, that she would not hire a pretty looking girl as she does not want the competition, when she is nothing special to look at as it is. WORST PLACE I HAVE EVER WORKED AT. THOSE WITH NO ASPIRATIONS WILL LOVE THIS JOB!!!!!
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by on 21 August 2011

reading this it may sound bitter, but I honestly say that this is the truth


by on 21 August 2011

its enthusiasm! I totally agree with you, having worked there. Too much politics.


by on 10 March 2013

true dont think of working or applying to sitel, after 6 months they will just remove you and hire a new batch, then they will say its your performance without showing it to you or even talking to you, they will just say you failed, thank you. better look for another company than sitel.

5 Stars


31 March 2011

I like this company and I give it 5 stars! I worked for them for over an year and I think they are great at what they do
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Mr Z
5 Stars

Sack the slackers

28 March 2011

To be honest, some of the comments on this forum do not suprise me. I guess working doesn't suit everybody and the thought of an employer caring about staff welfare or making a success of what their staff do is unthinkable. I worked for SiTEL and actually made a career out of it, in fact the position I hold now for a multinational company is down to the support and training I got whilst there. I guess the thing to remember here is "you get out what you put in", I can't believe that there are comments relating to chasing staff up whilst off! I remember having to complete twice as much work because of people being sick, it's the people who stick in and carry others that need to be on this forum complaining about the fact the company didn't sack the slackers instead of "harrasing" them when off sick! SiTEL is a good place to work, it will give you the springboard you need to improve your skills, just don't think you can use it as a place to hang out and do nothing with your mates. Peace!
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Tim Barclay
5 Stars


23 March 2011

Well i have worked here for over 4 months now and I cant understand the bad reviews. The place is somwhat a little disorganised but that is th nature of the business it is very fast moving!! I have made a number of new friends here plus I have recently been given the opportunity to apply for a senior agent role so I am hoping I will progress. All in all it is a really good place to work as long as you come here to work and turn up oin time. i can understand that the managers don't like lateness as with any other job. if you can't handle a fast paced environment then dont work here. if you are able to handle it then work here, have fun make friends and enjoy the job!
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by on 25 March 2011

I agree I work on one of the Nordic teams and I now have a good group of friends. its a great place to work and I really like meeting people from my own country. never worked with so many friendly people before. come here it good fun!!!

3 Stars


25 November 2010

I agree with all of these reviews that Sitel seems to be very unorganised, the managers don't communicate and there are not enough staff for the amount of work there. But some of you people need to stop whining! Oh my god they made me turn my mobile off! It's a call centre you muppet, what do you expect? You are getting paid to work, not text your mates! You don't get paid for sick days -that's because you are hired through an agency, very few agency workers get paid sick days! Basically this should be seen as a temporary role, come and work here if you need some cash but keep looking for something better in the meantime. If you treat it as a temp job and don't take it too seriously then it is not that terrible a company.


by on 23 March 2011

I agree its not that bad. People just need to turn up on time!

4 Stars


23 September 2010

Sitel is a has good offices to work, but there is a lot of harrasement, because they take on too much work, but employe less people hence the pressure is on, team leaders take it out on the staff.

2 Stars

Interviewed by Sitel

21 July 2010

Anyone who can tell me more about this company and whether the other reviews are actually true because I have managed to secure a job there and the market is saturated these days so it isn't easy if I decide to drop the offer.


by on 22 July 2010

I totally agree with the previous people. Never ever have i seen so much scrutiny and someone looking over your shoulder and monitoring your doings. The lack of anykind of trust within the organisation is amazing and not something that really makes you want to stay with them.


by on 27 July 2010

No one mentioned the fact yet that your pay seems to be wrong most of the days. They mistakenly forget to pay you when you are on holiday, do other strange mistakes that will delay your salary for the next pay period etc. The amount you earn is already peanuts and if it is delayed by some incompetent "professional" might cause quite a trouble Also if you are ill during your probationary period, your probationary will be extended for another 3 months. So dont get sick unless you want to end up having some sort of disciplinary meeting with some bastard of a manager


by on 08 October 2012

Not worth it, seriously, find someone else. Even if that takes you a bit longer it's better to find somewhere more professional and good for your career.

stuart harris
1 Stars

i have an interview for sitel

20 July 2010

sounds like dyno services all over again


by on 23 July 2010

i have to agree with the previous 3 comments. Sitel is hell on earth!. You would be treated better and get paid better at the 99p store. Managers watch you continously. they also have there little clicks. if your not IN with the Managers then you will be over looked even for a toilet break. sitel do well to hired their huge giant giagantic flaws!. The companies they outsource for visit now and then and when they do sitel managers are sure to select quiet staff that will not speak up or the a*rse lickers that are in their click so they keep stump. The pay is terrible considering what your asked to do. Cant be asked to do alot in a call centre you say!? yeah right. Even if a customer says to you that your amazing your manager will still find away to fail the call so you get put on yet another disaplinary. Sitel p&procedures are a JOKE!. If they ever stuck to them then maybe you would have a chance in moving somewhere within this public toilet!. Sitel managers love theyre bum lickers and they give them extra special treatment that no other memember of staff will ever reiceve. I have seen people work there for years. Multi skilled agents they call you! however these multi skill agents that have held the job for years must be rubbish because not one of them recieved a promotion infact they all recieved letters from HR informing yet again youve done something wrong. oh this means you cannot apply for any other position within sitel!. The other 2 commented on the sick leave YOU CANNOT GO SICK! IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR ANYONE TO BECOME UNWELL! this is how sitel telltreat you and see you. you go sick you lose your job or you lose your life gettin ill from the stress they put you under. If you would like stress related illnesses such as IBS or Blood pressure fallin and goin through the roof sitel is for you. but i would plead with anyone to reconsider before working there!. its really not worth your health!

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