Royal Mail, Wrexham

94 Regent Street
LL11 1AA Wrexham - Wrexham Delivery Office
08457 740 740
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Royal Mail is still a government-owned company since 1516 that operates in GB and Northern Ireland. The company can offer you the following postal services: re-delivery, mail sending, postal money orders, package sending. Visit the nearby Royal Mail office in Wrexham on Wrexham DELIVERY OFFICE, 94 REGENT STREET, LL11 1AA.


5 Stars

03 June 2015

For some reason,our regular postman has been moved to another round and we now have two assigned to Overton,near Wrexham.We noticed that the letters do not get delivered as early as before,but for the last week or so,Paul,'our old regular postman' has come back.HURRAY!....letters delivered earlier and invaluable local knowledge and experience back 'on the beat'

1 Stars

04 February 2015

The on duty postman delivering to Bradley area should have the common sense to always push the mail through the letter box and not leave it sticking out. I have had to complain about this previously, it improved and then started happening again at Christmas, improved again and today 4/2/15, mail not pushed through. Mail left sticking out may make a house a particular target for break-ins. Please can Royal Mail resolve this issue asap. With thanks.

Mrs Leah Shone Hughes
3 Stars

my mail not been deliverd

07 March 2013

my mail not begin deliverd i am so worried and conserd about this and i am always having to get to the bottom of it on the phone but now i have waited 3 to 4 days for my stuff and stilll nothing and iam always been told on twitter aswell how there begin deliverd and it does not arrive i am so very upset over this
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kim humphreys
1 Stars

missing post

14 February 2013

Again another missing parcel , fed up of having different postmen week after week as who can you trust , **1 example I had wrong post bundle delivered through door (totally different address on envelopes)I ran out to hand it back to him and he was oblivious to which street he was on ,his word's were well this is such +such a place ,I said no that's 3 street's away ....sad thing is he was already half way through the street so who else got the wrong post due to his incompetent behaviour !!
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pete l
1 Stars

Car Park

06 December 2012

To close the car park for pickup is Lunacy . It causes more illegal parking & congestion.Who ever thought this one up needs their head examining.
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K Hughes
1 Stars

Late mail

24 November 2012

Our mail delivery is appalling, most days its deviled in the afternoon between 14:00hrs to 16:30 hrs, the other day the mail was that wet the contents were falling out of the envelopes. people are paying for first class delivery and getting 3rd class delivery. Disgusting service.

Peter Vale
1 Stars

new postie ?

, 12 August 2011

Sadly we have a new postie in Acrefair. This mornings post just arrived at 14.15 thrown on the floor through the shops back door. Please bring back the old guy. Far Far better service :-(
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1 Stars

sorting office

08 January 2011

pointless ringing, they never answer


by 25 October 2011

I disagree about no-one answering. I have phoned twice in two days and got an answer straight away and I must say, the person I spoke to who's name is Gary was very helpful. Thank you Gary.

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