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Cricket Carpets Direct | UK’s No.1 Cricket Pitch Maintenance Company.

With experience of the very first artificial cricket pitch systems installed by Dunlop back in the 70’s, Cricket Carpets Direct, part of Technical Surfaces are able to give independent advice on any system currently available.

Over the decades installers have tried many innovations with varying degrees of success but fundamentally the key components to a good synthetic cricket pitch remain the same.

Company description
SERVICES POWER CLEANING This process helps to remove contamination which will imbed itself within the pile of the carpet. If left unremoved the performance of the surface will suffer aswell as the overall appearance of the facility. In severe cases this dirt can become a health and safety issue with loss of traction and the possibility of slippage. RETENSIONING During play and general relaxation of the carpet, the surface may become loose and in severe cases rucks may appear. By releasing the fixings the carpet can be retensioned using a mechanical winching mechanism. This will ensure that the carpet lies flat and in performs to its optimum.
PATCHING/REPAIRS In the unfortunate occasion that the surface is torn or simply through general wear and tear the pitch may require patching to extend the life of the facility. Block holes or run-ups tend to be the most vulnerable but using specialist adhesives these areas can repaired adding valuable years of useful life. REPLACEMENT CARPETS Once the carpet pile is below a certain limit patching may no longer be a viable option. At this point it may be more cost effective to replace the carpet. Different types of surface are available dependent on budget and use (see systems opposite).
Once the old carpet is removed, the base is graded and recompacted before tensioning and refitting the new surface. In some cases clients may require us to import new specialist grade aggregate to build up where settlement has occurred since the original installation. MAINTENANCE PACKAGES The above services are available on an ‘as and when’ basis. However we have found that our clients prefer to get the most from our visits to attend to their surfaces by incorporating a more comprehensive service. Our ‘Club’ and ‘County’ Packages are a cost effective solution offering all the benefits but a reduced rate.


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Buy Direct - Shockpad Base
The shockpad plays an important part in any artificial cricket pitch construction. It not only protects the base but improves playing characteristics. If you haven't already got a shockpad we would strongly recommend you get one.
8.50 - GBPProduct details
Buy Direct - Needle Punch (Play)
A needle punched carpet whilst still tough is designed for lighter recreational use. Is the perfect choose for schools or junior net practice as it combines durability economy. List Price: £16.50, Our price: £13.75 - You save £2.75 per sq. metre
13.75 - GBPProduct details
Buy Direct - Woven (Premier)
Our top of the range wilton woven carpet. This is the 'Rolls Royce' of artificial cricket carpets. Due to the nature of manufacture the woven structure ensures maximum strength making it the perfect choose for senior and top level cricket.
26.50 - GBPProduct details
Needle Punch Roll down Matting
Our premium needle punch surface is now available with a heavy duty PVC backing. The backing allows the carpet to be rolled out for practicing and then taken up and stored while not in use. This is ideal for those wanting to turn gyms, halls or other hard standing surfaces not designed for
18.50 - GBPProduct details
Powerplay Instant Cricket System
The Powerplay Instant Cricket System opens up incredible opportunities for coaching and recreational matchplay on almost any existing artificial turf surface, gym or hardstanding area. PowerPlay is a patent pending product which acts just like a natural cricket strip.
3395 - GBPProduct details
Cricket Carpet Repairs
Over time you will may that the your surface carpet develops rips and holes especially in the high wear areas, such as run up and block holes. We would happy to rectify these areas and extend the life of your surface.
Product details
Maintenance Packages - County
Our ‘County’ package is fully comprehensive. As well as attending to the surface carpet as in our ‘club’ package, we also pay particular attention to the base, regrading the aggregate and recompacting with a roller or compactor plate.
685 - GBPProduct details
Maintenance Packages - Club
Our 'Club’ package is designed for artificial pitches that are playing well but are in need of clean. The emphasis is on the surface, clearing the edges, retensioning and rejuvenating the surface with a mechanical rotary brush.
485 - GBPProduct details
Practice Facility Installation - Traditional
The ‘traditional’ facility incorporates separate batting and bowling ends. It is possible to surface the batting and bowling ends with a different carpet if required to match senior and junior use of the facility.
Product details
Practice Facility Installation - Modern
The current trend is towards producing a complete artificial area in which to practice. This can be achieved most cost effectively by using top of the range synthetic carpet for the batting areas whilst using a more economical artificial surface for the surrounds and bowling area.
Product details

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