Bridge Centre, Basingstoke

New Road
RG21 7PJ Basingstoke
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Diana W
1 Stars

Bridge Centre

01 July 2014

Pity there is no-star ratings! No professionals work here. Shame the Elizabeth Dibben centre closed.
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Rebecca Phillips
1 Stars


30 June 2014

Difficult to get through by phone. Several visits to me were postponed at the last minute which left me confused and upset which is not helpful where mental health is concerned.
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1 Stars

Careless Centre

18 June 2014

The Bridge Centre is the worst example I have ever encountered of the NHS in action. I've experienced a range of different staff and situations related to the centre that highlight a culture of broken promises, unprofessional professionals, inefficiencies and sadly, so much more besides. Staff seem more interested in themselves than their patients. From personal experiences their actions, or lack thereof, have had the potential to actually exacerbate rather than resolve the very mental issues they're supposed to be treating. I am appalled by their negative and defensive attitude, with a lack of interest and commitment to effectively care for and resolve a wide range of different issues when dealing with some of the most vulnerable in our society. My experiences have developed over an extended period and sadly, aren't isolated to a few staff; rather highlighting a general malaise and culture of not actually wanting to care. This is deeply disturbing. This is in strict contrast to some fine care and other positive experiences I've identified within the wider NHS.
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1 Stars


25 March 2014

I have called time and time again asking when my retired cpn will be replaced and psychiatrist replaced. All i get is "we have not forgotten about you and will send an appointment in 2 weeks". Been told this for months now. I have ptsd. .depression and anxiety and need their help and support. They don't seem to give a Damn !!! Things were better when I was at Mulfords Hill.
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Rebecca Phillips
1 Stars

Mental health care

11 February 2014

No response from them yet again. Useless promises about ringing back which never happen. Complete negligence on their behalf. Pity there is no zero rating!
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a person
1 Stars

did not help, many times.

, 16 February 2012

Useless ? they are more interested in writing the next chapter of their book. helping people overcome their issues is barely on the list. They treat people as research, not people to help. People with pens love this place, because they get to compare someone to page 20 of the book. It may not occur to them that someones situation may be unique, and simply matching them to a diagram might not encompass the whole problem. But if you are interested in research and not people, fully understanding the situation isn't very important. When you have a meeting with them, it's more like a board staff meeting. Not something suitable for someone who may desperately need help, and wants to express themselves. It's more "ok whats the problem with you then", not, "how can we help". You will have to wait weeks/months for 2 or 3 'assessments', and then they may get the treatment wrong. This means they'll ask you questions which aren't relevent and crucially they wont ask you questions which are important. Meanwhile your life is passing by. At each session they ask you to rate various things about yourself out of 7. Somehow, there is the misguided concept, that if one week you are 26/30, and next week you are 24/30, this means you have obviously got better. What a lovely bureaucratic world we live in where the details of a persons life can be accurately summarised by a number. Its beyond scary. They could have the approach of "we are doing a very important job which could help people, so lets do it properly and well'. No. Their approach from receptionist to professional is "we are the only people doing this, so you'll do it our way, on our timetable." Once you have been through the process, you will understand why official understanding of mental illness is so poor. It's because they really don't give a rats about peoples situation, they just want 'data'. In conclusion; avoid this place at all costs. Except you can't, because there is no where else to go. So in conclusion: no wonder mental health in thie country is useless. Because the 'clinics' are more interested in writing books, than helping people. Which is fine if you want to be a leader in a subject while at the same time being useless at it. Meanwhile there are umpteen un necessary benefit claimants and suicide notes being prepared around the country.
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