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Company description
The BodyWell Group may be No.1 choice for people in Kent and may be the busiest Centre of its kind, but it believes in good old fashioned service, where you will be treated as an individual rather than a number.

The facility radiates with customer service and provides the most advanced instrumentation and technology to provide you the highest standard of care, but the fees are affordable. That is why BodyWell serves more than 12, 500 satisfied patients.

The Award Winning Chiropractic and Health Practice looks forward to helping you, with in-house Chiropractors, Spinal Specialists, Wellness Practitioners, Massage Therapists, Sports Injury Specialists, Nutrional Consultants and a fully qualified and caring team of Clinical Assistants ready to help you.
Description in a foreign language:
The BodyWell Group caters for all languages and all cultures. Simply call and inform us in advance so we can best serve you.


5 Stars

23 December 2014

My all headaches disappeared after first two times I went in Bodywell. I don't know any more what is headache. I can enjoy my self just having a painless day. And all I want is just that all other people like me who are suffering from pain would try to see specialists in BodyWell. It is definitely worth.

5 Stars

23 December 2014

BodyWell team is so profetional, I felt relief almost instantly. I do not have any headaches more than a 10 months now. Any body who feels pain should try to meet specialists in there.

5 Stars

21 December 2014

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Having seen what just one visit did for my Mum's chronic frozen shoulder, I went for a check-up. From the accurate analysis with Digital X-rays and Nerve Scans, my mother and I were provided a personalised programme of care. With the other 18 services BodyWell provide, it has now become my lifestyle choice for health care. Do check it out, it is truly amazing!

5 Stars

15 December 2014

I would recommend calling BodyWell first... I have worked with Dr. Christian and The BodyWell Group for nearly 2 months and have found them to be very thorough and precise in their work, something anyone would seek when looking for a good Chiropractor.

James Robinson
5 Stars

, 07 December 2014

How do I even begin to explain how much this place has helped me. After having ongoing treatment for a back problem caused by a seizure from having a brain tumour removed and breaking my ankle aswell as poor posture and being overweight for the last 8 years and going everywhere from physiotherapists to chiropractors to osteopaths and doctors with absolutely no signs of improvement I began to get very despondent and my back kept getting worse and worse to the point where I was continuously having time off work and was starting to worry about my job I decided I needed to do something a bit more drastic and researched spinal specialists on google and came up with Bodywell.After my initial visit with Bodywell I was still sceptical as I had been promised the same things with all the other people I had been to over the last 8 years but thought what have I got to lose.i started going for a chiropractic adjustment and a deep tissue massage but was also told about masterclasses which are basically 1 hour talks on health issues.i can not explain to much these have helped me and I have learned so much from them,everything from juicing to allergies to killer foods to acid vs alkali and weight loss etc.i have also had 3D foot scans,X Rays and diginal nerve scans which is all done at Bodywell which is convenient and you get your results very quickly.due to breaking my ankle in 3 places 8 years ago my 1 ankle has healed slightly longer then the other and was contributing to my back problem so as a result I was suggested orthotics and that was also all arranged from Bodywell and they came quickly aswell.then you have the nutritional side and I was suggested vitamins to take for my joints and omega 3 fish oil which I can see have helped and finally I was given specialist exercise equipment to do exercises on for my specific problem and all of these things together have shown me the first improvement in my health in over 8 years.

5 Stars

05 December 2014

Headaches and back pain had a major impact on my daily life as a law student and a high level athlete. I spent months studying in sheer agony and found no joy in playing my sport any more. I was miserable as I was being referred to different doctors who only prescribed drugs that were merely masking the symptoms. BodyWell was offering free spinal checks and I decided to give it a go. I was amazed at the exceptional service provided. After a thorough examination including x rays and nerve scans, Dr Christian found the exact causes of my problems in just one day. He genuinely cares for his patients' well-being and understands the importance of getting them back on track as soon as possible. After only two adjustments, my chronic headache is now a thing of the past and my back has considerably improved. Since experiencing such a miracle, I have been recommending chiropractic care and the BodyWell group to everyone I know!

5 Stars

30 November 2014

I have been visiting Dr. Christian for over a year now. I arrived there with back, posture and knee problems that were affecting my work, daily activities and my quality of life. During the past 12 months I have experienced significant relief in addition to improvements to my posture, energy levels and my overall health. Following Dr. Christian's recommendations I have manage to loose almost 18 pounds of weight as well. All the members of the BodyWell are very enthusiastic, friendly and keen to help with your problems. I will highly recommend giving them a visit!

5 Stars

, 23 November 2014

I used to wake up every morning with terrible lower back pain. Changed mattresses 3 times but found out that it was a problem with my back and not the bed. Visited BodyWell after reading a few positive reviews and had a thorough check up and a few adjustments. Now I'm waking up with no pain at all! It actually changes my entire morning mood and life! Would absolutely recommend to anyone.

5 Stars

16 November 2014

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Having seen what just one visit did for my Mum's chronic frozen shoulder, I went for a check-up. From the accurate analysis with Digital X-rays and Nerve Scans, my mother and I were provided a personalised programme of care. With the other 18 services BodyWell provide, it has now become my lifestyle choice for health care. Do check it out, it is truly amazing!

Colin Smyth
5 Stars

Poor Posture

, 29 June 2014

I never knew I had bad posture or how it was affecting my life until I had my eyes opened after a consultation at the BodyWell group. My back pain had gotten to the point where I couldn't sleep and it was affecting my work and home life. Having weekly spinal adjustments and deep tissue massage has taken my back pain down to near non-existent that I no longer require pain killers but more importantly have the energy to swim twice a week, I eat healthier and find I get more done at work!
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