Bentley Hall Farm, Bury

Bentley Hall Road
BL8 3PH Bury
0161 761 3599
0161 436 2773
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Louise Kane
1 Stars


, 05 June 2014

Hi we got our boy max from that place october 2012 he will be 2 in august 2014 hes a very lovable boy who is full of energy loves sleep but as his monents were food is would love to meet anyone who got there puppy from that horrible place x
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5 Stars


11 August 2013

I got Megan from here in December, she was a wounderful pup and a pleasure to have. She died yesterday due to an accadent she died in my arms, I am in tears writing this. and will miss her very much.
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Joe Wilson
1 Stars

Border collie

26 May 2013

I brought my puppy Gruffalo in August 2012, he is a beautiful healthy boy, who has started agility and is doing awesome, when we had him we sent him to our vet who said we had picked a perfect little puppy and there was no health problems, and we will definitely go back in the next couple of weeks to get another, the premises where the puppies were kept were lovely and clean and all puppies I could see were happy. I had a bad experience with a rescue dog and would never go back to one.
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Clare Powell
1 Stars

border collie

, 23 April 2013

A friend bought a puppy from here, despite warning to check for signs of puppy farming, such as - where is the mother and why are there hundred puppies here?!! anyway this male border collie pup was bought at 9 weeks, he got him home and he was showing some unusual signs of aggression within a few weeks but that was not before the poor dog had to be rushed into the vet suffering with diarhoea , losing blood too!, generally ill, luckily he did not have parvo which i now find was rife at this place in 2011 when he was there, but he did have campobacter and giardia, another parasite i can't remember, poor dog took months to get completely clear of these bugs, he can't digest nutrients properly and is on special food but still very thin, his behaviour has been a concern too, only thanks to hard work, training etc am i managing with him(this dog is now my responsibility as high maintenance) I pity any pup born in this hell hole and i pity the poor parents too. This is pure greed with no regard for welfare or concern about turning out emotionally wrecked dogs with no social skills. Please if you want a dog get a rescue dog, there are too many in shelters as it is, don't breed while they die and don't use puppy mills!!!
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1 Stars

Bentley Hall Farm

13 April 2013

Please read the two page report in the Manchester Evening News dated 13th April 2013. This is a disgusting none licensed breeding farm where the bitches are constantly bread from and v. bad conditions. THIS PLACE MUST BE CLOSED DOWN FOR THE SAKE OF THE ANIMALS. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM HERE!
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john collins
5 Stars

2 Great Pup's at christmas

, 11 January 2013

i'm a father of 3 girls aged 23,19 and 12 we went to bentley hall farm on 23rd of december 2012 after reading mixed reviews on here and were more than impressed.we were picked up from the end of there farm track as it was to rough for are car then shown the pup's.which i must say they are kept to a very high standard.we where shown mum and dad and given a puppy pack with food and free insureance and told any questions to ring night or day.we took a little black and white girl for my oldest girl. the pup was made are christmas and we returned boxing day to get her a friend and took another tri coloured girl who has also settled in great. all in all a great set up and a really nice family 5 STAR
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5 Stars


, 15 October 2012

very odd some of the reviews on here,we live in horwich and bought are stunning collie puppy india last year june 2011 last week we called to the farm without calling (just turned up to see what they had) and we bought are 2nd puppy from them, another collie she is just as cute and we have never had a issue the family in my view run it great and i have had 2 calls to make sure all is well and we were told to call any time for a walk round.i understand the pain if some of you have lost a pet but we have nothing but good to say about bentley hall farm
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1 Stars


28 September 2012

Dusgusting establishment. I am trying to shut this place down asap. I think they use pretty dogs as false mothers to cover up the devastating state that most of the mothers are in due to many years of over bredding and not being looked after correctly.
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mark hopkinson
4 Stars

Bargain buy

19 September 2012

bought our pup in june 2011, they called her eye brows but we then called her marley, she was 6weeks old and the best buy ever. Best dog ever and stable beds were they kept the pups were clean and tidy and well organised. all info well received. suprised about the other comments
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1 Stars

purchase of sick pup

13 September 2012

My husband and daughter bought a puppy from here in february 48hrs later rushed to vet spent a week in isolation tested pos for parvo and two different internal parasites. By a miracle she survived the bill was over £800 , The vets call her the greedy one cos she had everything, The dog was bought as a border collie, she is definately a mix breed. How these people are still in business are a mystery to me, someone should help these sick dogs
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