Reviews of Queensbury Fast Food

Adam Elliott
4 Stars

Proper food

23 April 2012

Not a big curry fan until I tasted food here. Staff were helpful. I had a mix starter and now I'm a regular. Must try their Korma dish. Try it for yourself
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Mark Doyle
5 Stars


23 April 2012

Total satisfaction, fresh naan and currys taste brilliantly. Never go anywhere, total customer service
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Sabrina Evans from Queensbury
4 Stars

Do you know your food

23 April 2012

Very Good food, value for money. call, order and relax

James Goodman
5 Stars


23 April 2012

best pizzas , always fresh and hot, excellent service and welcoming staff. Thanks!
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Nicole Witherington
1 Stars

food poisoning

, 10 April 2012

after eating food twice and becoming severly ill twice, then speaking to several other queensbury residents and being warned NOT to under any cicumstances eat at this establishment i feel the need to warn other unsuspecting customers of the dangers and extreme likely hood that they will themselves become sick from the food purchased at this takeaway, i can only imagine the conditions my food were prepared in and probably the reality is far worse! My experience with this takeaway has prevented me from using any other takeaway in queensbury for fear of the same which im sure really wouldnt be the case.
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4 Stars


23 February 2011

Excellent service, with great food, the place is clean and welcoming,definitely a must for a good takeout!
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Thomas Fernando
4 Stars


13 February 2011

The fast food place I would most certainly recommened. Excellent service, Clean place. I visit this place often because it's close by to my house and it's outstanding in a brilliant way!
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4 Stars

Honest Opinion

13 February 2011

What good service this fast foof place provides. I feel really pleasent about how the fast food place gives you good service quick and fast. Good on them
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4 Stars

good food

13 February 2011

lovly food
Tags: #100% clean place is clean to eat in

4 Stars


12 February 2011

i have been comeing her for the past 4 mounths i have tryed there diner it was nice and tasty i would strongly advice people to come and try there diner
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