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Former client
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SRA Intervantion

14 December 2013

This company has ceased trading following intervention by the SRA. I am only aware of this having received a letter from HMRC. My experience in 2011 was identical to many of the negative reviewers comments regarding the 'service' provided by this firm. In 2006 I used a similar non-traditional legal firm for a sale and purchase. The process could not have been better; hence my attraction to ARC. With ARC, process started well enough but quickly went downhill. They were keen to introduce me to and enroll me into a scheme for minimising liabiliity to SDLT. Such avoidance has usually been targeted at people higher up the property chain where savings can be £000s. My liability was in the 1% band and I soon decided the potential saving was not worth the risk when the quality and efficiency of their conveyancing began to show through. I'll not repeat the catalogue of failings; suffice it to say I did invoke the Ombudsman Service. ARC caused me and others involved in my sale and purchase considerable grief and anxiety. I am not surprised and actually feel quite vindicated that the SRA has closed this firm down. Former clients may want to check their paper and electronic files relating to ARC. We were warned that HMRC would probably not come along later seeking to recover SDLT; but they might. It looks like that may well be their intention as they refer to many SDLT Returns that they have to examine. Next time, although it may well cost more, I'll go back to a local, recommended solicitor.
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, 28 September 2013



by 01 October 2013

Well, why doesn't this surprise me. So that's the final nail in the coffin then, I lost my dream house 2 weeks ago, and now I'm going to lose all the money this company has of mine. I've never felt so betrayed by a company in my life, how can they play with people lives like this. I sincerely hope people get jail time for this scam.

Peter Westbrook
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Action conveyancing

, 20 September 2013

Word is they have ceased trading
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bill green
3 Stars

flat purchase

18 September 2013

Well, unlike most of what I have read on here my experiance wasn't too bad, our handler was a very pleasant young lady who we contacted by phone several times and by e-mail many more times, all this happened in june of this year. I visited ther offices three times as it was much quicker and safer than posting documents and on evey occasion we were promptly dealt with, on two occasions we just turned up unanounced and were seen. Now after completion,which only took 4 weeks,( I had to pay extra) as it was an auction purchase, I am still though awaiting the deeds or whatever passes for this these days and also a refund, luckily of only £144 for indemnity insurance I neither wanted or needed, I have tried to contact them by phone, line either goes dead or just rings and rings, and by e-mail, either get undeliverable notification or no reply depending who messages sent to. Will I use again? don't think I will be able to, guess they'er either going or gone, but even if not, no, I will stick to a local solicitor, it will be worth the extra. By the way the fees, I was quoted £299, I ended up paying over £1100, but this did include search fees and a fee to get the work completed within four weeks.
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Utter Disgrace

, 16 September 2013

I cannot begin to explain the stress that has been involved in dealing with this company. I was stupid enough to take them on for a sale / purchase where I didn't check in detail online reviews. Due to their total incompetence we lost the sellers of our new house, they continually failed to answer the phone or reply to any emails. When any work was done it was wrong, and on more than 1 occasion I received other peoples documents. They just dont care how much stress they are putting you though. My utter hated for this company is at a level I didn’t think possible. I had 3 case handlers for my move, and each time a new one got it, it was back to square 1, with the same questions, and another 6-8 week lead time on it. I was sucked into using these with their fake testimonials on the website, and friendly sales staff who were all very happy to take the search money. All I can thank is that I didn’t get to the point where they had the equity from my sale as I think I would have been close to driving to their offices. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They are a bunch of cowboys.
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If u r using them..

15 September 2013

DO NOT USE THEM. THEY NEARLY COST US OUR NEW FLAT. WE WOULD HAVE BEEN HOMELESS. Through all the stress i have had this week due to the issue I cannot bring myself to write it all out, but in short, Ation Conveyancing have been kicked off of the panels of many banks and basically are not allowed to complete directly with those banks, they must use a third party solicitor to complete. They did not tell us this however (and neither did the bank!). There are only a few people left in the office, most have been made redundant (someone on the phones told me, but it was obvious from his tone that he had been told not to) and it looks like the company might go down. This is why nobody is picking up the phones - nobody is there. If you are using them at the moment you may be better off demanding your money back, and doing so asap. We did. They had 10.5k of our money and getting it back was slightly stressful, but they seemed to understand that if they didnt give it back we would complain to the SRA, and they handed it over pretty quickly too (although charged us for the bank transfer). Thank god we did so before they went bust. Im sure it would take a long time to get it back through the SRA who quite frankly, don't seem to really care about what is going on in Action Conv. and haven't investigated properly despite what happened to us. Luckily we are buying a new build and the developer recommended a solicitor who already knows the plot and can turn around our conveyancing in a few weeks, meaning we will keep our flat.
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Utter Disgrace

13 September 2013

NEVER USE this company. You can never get hold of them via email or phone, we had 3 case handlers for our move, each time it moved handler they had to start again, our house move all fell through in the end. This company is an utter disgrace, I cannot express the anger I feel toward these cowboys. Never have I ever felt so stressed and unwell as when they were handling my case. For you own sanity and health pay the extra and go to someone local.
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Terrible service

, 07 September 2013

I recently used Action Conveyancing to move house and to put it short, they are absolutely shocking. They don't reply to emails or calls, they really slow at doing anything!! Try to charge you extra once you've already agreed a quote but I did manage to wiggle out of paying it (there was noway I was paying them extra when the service was shocking from day one). Most recently they were suppose to send off a Land Transaction Return for the house. They sent it off late!! which resulted in HMRC sending ME letters saying I owe them £100. Rung solicitors, they promised to pay it (even sent an email so I have it in writing) and they haven't paid it. This has now resulted in HMRC thinking I have simply ignored their correspondence and warning me that recovery proceedings are going to commence (Yep, that means people coming to my home and taking my things away for this company's incompetence!!!). We have now paid the fine as we are a young couple starting out and don't want any bad credit but I am determined to get my money back from this appalling company. I will be taking them to a small claims court. So Trust Me, do not use these people. They have caused me so much unnecessary stress and I will never forgive them for bringing my name down with them.
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david cooper
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lacking anything

03 September 2013

Just awful, these people are the last thing you need at a time like this. Don't do it.
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Do Not Use

28 August 2013

I agree with all the comments posted here & hope that it puts as many people off using this company as possible. Absolutely appalling service, never answer the telephone, never return emails/calls. We had 2 conveyancers looking after our case, both of whom left the company during the process?! It took 4 months for the simplest of house moves (no chain). They state on their website 'award winning client service' & 'outstanding feedback' - don't believe a word! They are truly atrocious.
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